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Five fun ways to help your preschooler learn about money.

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It’s never too early to help them make sense of money.

If your kids can count, they can start learning about money. At this young age, a great way to teach them is through multisensory experiences that include lots of play, songs, and arts and crafts. Here are five fun ways you can engage your little one in lessons about dollars and cents:[……]

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Having a service business, either alone or with partners, can offer many significant financial benefits. Seeing your income increase is a very real possibility. However, before undertaking this adventure, here are a few things to consider.

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Take advantage of a mentor’s advice

Entrepreneurs often mistakenly believe that mentoring is only useful when a problem arises. Asking for advice from a mentor is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, an entrepreneur who seeks the advice of a mentor from the very beginning will be better prepared to handle difficult situations and can benefit from the mentor’s experience to make more informed decisions.

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