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The concept of diversification is a crucial element to consider when investing. It is rooted in the very principle that investors should avoid putting all their eggs in one basket.


But why should the notion of diversification remain limited to investing? Why not adapt it to mortgages, the largest debt each of us will probably acquire in our lifetime?


To meet the needs and preferences of its clientele, National Bank offers the Made-to-Measure mortgage[1]. This solution allows you to divide your loan amount among several layers, depending on your profile, your financial goals, as well as your financing needs and preferences.


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Is your bathroom begging for a makeover? You dream about new ceramic walls, but the idea of long and tedious work turns you off. If that’s the case, we’ve got good news for you.

There are panels that look like real tile but that are easy to install, so they’re good for anyone—even DIYers! Except for moldings, no additional material needs to be purchased. A utility knife can cut the panels if adjustments are necessary. Easy as pie!

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In addition, the walls on which you install the panels don’t require any special preparation—no cleaning, plastering or sanding. To top it all off, there’s no mortar and trowel. The joints already cut in the material simplify assembly of the panels, which is done by sliding the pieces together. The panels can also be assembled from any side. And they look like real tile![……]

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Stained glass is an assembly of pieces of glass joined by lead strips. Coloured glass was already used at the time of the Egyptians and Romans. However, it’s in the Middle Ages that stained glass began to play a major role in decorative art.

Are you one of those people who love to gaze at stained glass windows when you visit churches? Does their sweet serenity soothe your spirit? Did you know that you can use stained glass to enhance your home decor? Tiffany lamps, as lovely as they are, are not the only possibility—not anymore.

Stained glass design can be contemporary, country, ultra modern or even contemplative. A full range of colours is available, from pastel to dark to outright garish. The effect will be soothing or stimulating, depending on the colours chosen.[……]

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It’s often said that the walls have ears. In Sibiu, Romania, the roofs have eyes. The effect is so striking that a paranoid person could panic while strolling the medieval city streets. ‘Why are the roofs watching me?!’ they’d think.

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Look closely at the photo. Do you see that the roof is sleepy? Its eyelids are heavy; they’re going to close any minute now. Too much bad weather perhaps? Centuries of heavy rain, beating sun, freezing and thawing—it’s a lot for a roof to handle. And that’s not counting the weight of hundreds of years of history.[……]

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