Loan insurance: Why do you need it?

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Regardless of the reason – renovations, buying a home – new financing always entails new responsibility.

That new responsibility is undoubtedly a good fit with your current lifestyle, which is why you obtained the financing you requested. Should an unexpected misfortune occur, however, that responsibility could quickly become a heavy burden.

Why should you take out loan insurance?

Mortgage financing is possibly the largest investment you will ever make in your life. Your mortgage payments represent a significant portion of your expenses.

Loan insurance is the solution that will ensure everyone’s peace of mind.


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A house travels from Paris to the heart of the jungle

There’s Ironside (an American TV series), the Iron Lady (Margaret Thatcher), the Iron Curtain, the Iron Gates (a gorge on the Danube). Real estate has now joined the club by offering us “the iron house.”

The “Casa de fierro” is in the middle of the jungle, in the streets of the city of Iquitos, Peru. The walls, ceilings and balcony are made of iron. Other metal alloys were also used.

The long veranda, which stretches along the entire façade, and numerous archways allow for better ventilation of the building, which is subject to the tropical heat. The Ulysses travel guide describes the house as a strange building. Hard to argue with that. The architecture is rather ordinary. It’s the iron that gives the building a special cachet.

Legend has it that the building is the first prefabricated house built in the Americas. How did it end up in the heart of the jungle? And where does it come from? The story is rather outlandish.[……]

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The world at your fingertips!

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We drink good wine in Quebec, and more and more of it!

Just 40 years ago, very few people drank wine in Quebec. Other than sacramental wine, this beverage was not well known.

Times have changed. Today, 78.5% of the bottles sold in 2011 at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) contained wine. In their 2011 annual report, Quebec was among the Canadian provinces where people drink the most wine. Between 2001 and 2010, average annual consumption increased from 16.3 to 22 litres of wine per person.

This change in habit means that consumers decided to keep enough wine at home to meet their needs.[……]

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Bamboo everywhere!

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Bamboo was first introduced into our homes through decorative plants, and also in lawn chairs, which are durable and weather resistant, and make things feel summery.

Bamboo now appears in all decors, from floor to ceiling, serving both as a decorative item and for building materials.

My daughter and I were curious, so we went through the four rooms of her home to find things made from this tropical grass.[……]

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