National Bank’s Made-to-Measure Mortgage

What is National Bank’s made-to-measure mortgage? [1],[2]

National Bank’s made-to-measure mortgage gives you the option of combining various loan features (terms, rates, payment frequencies, etc.). This solution therefore makes it possible to customize your home’s mortgage based on your individual needs. When you meet with a National Bank advisor to discuss your needs, together you can personalize a mortgage financing solution according to your budget, risk tolerance and overall financial commitments.[……]

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The dancing building in Prague

Do they dance the tango, the rumba or the foxtrot? At first glance, someone with a great imagination sees two dancers side by side. The dancer on the right has an arm wrapped around the waist of the dancer on the left. This is the image conveyed by the Nationale-Nederlanden office building, nicknamed the dancing building of Prague.


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