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Green Roofs: The New Lungs of the City

They say that the trees are the lungs of the earth, but in the city, they are becoming more and more rare… In order to improve the situation, it is possible to opt for the green roof, a popular solution for many reasons. Let’s take a look.

It is mainly in the city that green roofs can be installed, because only a roof with a low slope can accommodate them, which is especially the case of apartment buildings or commercial buildings. The guide de la Régie du bâtiment du Québec describes the different standards to be respected for any individual or merchant wishing to opt for this type of structure. There are a lot of rules to follow, but the result is worth the effort!


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Seeing Black at Home: Decorating with Dark Tones

You may associate it with the Adams Family or gothic teenagers, but black is a powerful indicator of refinement that gives rooms a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

A black room is chic and daring and will undeniably have guests talking!

Black paint is intimidating, especially when you know that light tones have the gift of enlarging a room and dark tones, to do the opposite. Yet those who opted for it say that the sacrifice is well worth the effort and that the end result is much less suffocating than one might think: after all, any room, when one paints each wall of the same color, seems larger.


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The benefits of green alleys: Why reclaim these city spaces?

Once dark and neglected, the alleys of big cities are more and more developed to create a healthy living environment conducive to good relationships between neighbors. We will tell you all about the benefits of green alleys.

Green alleys have been popular for the last fifteen years. They are growing in number in big cities around the world. The project is simple: To remove some of the concrete and asphalt in order to introduce flowers, plants, vegetables, plant walls and green roofs, but also make it possible to decorate the area with a few seats and picnic tables. In Montreal alone, there are over 400 Green Alleys! The borough that has the most green alleys is Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie, followed closely by Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. Let us shed light on their many benefits.


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Hygge Philosophy: For a comfortable home

We know that happiness is found in small things. The Danish have clearly understood this. In Europe, they are considered to be the happiest people on the continent. Their secret? Hygge philosophy!

Pronounced “hoo-ga”, Hygge is an Art of Living Developed in Denmark at the end of the nineteenth century. At that time, the Danish population made a significant change; The inhabitants of this country began focusing on their families and social activities and put aside more common and costly outings.

Today, the Danish are known to be arrogant, despite the fact that their weather is so gloomy. The Principle of Hygge Simple: you must simply create happiness in your everyday life. Here are some suggestions for applying it to your home.


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