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Visit Cara Delevingne’s Splendid Centenary Apartment

In a prestigious New York neighborhood lies one of the breathtaking homes of actress and model, Cara Delevingne.

It was in 1883 that the building was erected, and since then, many renovations have been carried out. However, the old charm and baroque style from the time it was built have been preserved.  It was Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon who sold it a few years ago for the sum of 10.8 million (US dollar).

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Gigantic for New York

What is most surprising is the large size of the apartment, 5,000 square meters, which is huge for a home in the Big Apple. One of the windows provides a direct view of the well-known Gramercy Park, a private park that can only be accessed by the surrounding residents! It is a dream come true for the British actress who can now enjoy nice weather without being spied on by the paparazzi.

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A Colorful Kitchen

It is the kitchen that seems to reflect Cara’s personality the most. The young woman is well-known for her unique and vibrant side. The light fixtures resemble satellites and the various orange chairs and multiple colorful paintings energize the room.

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A Room That Is Not for Everyone

One of the bedrooms looks like something out of a Japanese period movie. Its imposing tapestry, childish paintings and stuffed animals set the tone! The fact that the ceiling is low can also displease certain people. To each their own!

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A Dark Yet Welcoming Bar

The star’s apartment also has a bar, perfect for a party. Like a saloon or a speakeasy, it has a more masculine decor with its dark materials and leather elements. Note the presence of stained-glass windows that highlight the bottles of alcohol.

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Welcome To The 70s

Despite the small living room area, it was possible to incorporate a large powder blue sofa to easily accommodate all guests. The wooden wall combined with floral wallpaper, the lime green rug, and the piano and its period bench are all elements that give an almost psychedelic touch to the layout.

The property also has a gym, sauna, and massage therapy room.  As for the master bedroom, it has an antique stone fireplace that gives a very warm touch to the room.

Would you like to live there or does the decor seem too busy?

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Photo principale : Instagram/CaraDelivingne