Have you ever tried to contact a financial institution to learn more about a special promotion, only to discover that in reality, it wasn’t at all suited to your needs?

Financial packages are developed to satisfy the needs of a clientele whose priorities vary tremendously based on personal situations.

National Bank has therefore decided to take the time to thoroughly understand your reality in order to establish your financial profile and propose actions that can truly help you achieve your objectives. Because it’s only once we understand a situation completely that we can then plan accordingly and determine the best means to the end we seek.

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Financial packages tailored to the needs of professionals and students

When it comes to developing financial packages, our approach has been to offer you personalized service by granting you access to specialized advice and services. Depending on your occupation, you can benefit from several banking privileges:[……]

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Because you have a green vision, you’re thinking about an oiled hardwood floor rather than varnished. Did you know that your ancestors used this technique? It’s certainly not new. And the results are good enough to install an oiled floor in public. Imagine what it would look like in a private residence!

You’re renovating and you’re faced with a varnished hardwood floor, but you don’t feel like sanding and varnishing it again. You know what it involves: sanding, dust, strong and persistent odours, using chemical products, obligation to live elsewhere while the work is being done and knowing that you have to start over 8 to 10 years later. You therefore opt for an oiled floor.

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You sand to remove all traces of varnish. After a good dusting, you apply three coats of oil specially designed for this purpose. Naturally you need time between each coat. You use a soft cloth to apply the oil on all fours. If this position is too hard, you can buy oiled floors that are ready to install. [……]

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Music rises to the heavens. Anyone who has ever attended an outdoor symphonic music concert or a large rock concert, like Pink Floyd, Metallica or Supertramp knows all too well. Even indoors we have the impression that the music wants to rise.

Danish architect Jorn Utzon completely understood. That’s the origin of his Opera House in Sydney, Australia, whose roof appears to have been designed to let the music escape through the openings. The unique building was inaugurated in 1973, but 40 years later, it is still the envy of architects the world over.

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Everyone interprets the work their own way. To some, it represents a series of shells; for others, sails. Tourists probably have their own serious and outlandish interpretations. Who’s right?[……]

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We often hear that you have to enjoy the moment. But given the ice-cold winter that has lasted since December—until February 13 at least—it’s really tempting just to close your eyes and imagine the soft spring sun shining down. Especially if you’re feeling down.

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The best remedy according to many health experts: action! We start looking for something to brighten up our day. In our houses, we change the décor to give it a spring air.

Spring evokes many images and comforts: snowdrop, daffodil, tender green shoots, buds, soft heat, and murmur of melting snow brooks. In his poem Spring Victor Hugo said: “It seems like everything is laughing, and that the green trees are happy to be together and recite verses…”

To deal with this endless winter, find out what brings a smile to your face and makes you and your loved ones happy.

Here are few ideas:[……]

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