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Amid the current housing environment and in light of the wide range of mortgage solutions available on the market, how can you select the product that is best suited to your particular situation?


Fixed or variable rate?

When faced with having to choose a mortgage solution, many wonder which is more financially advantageous: a fixed or a variable rate mortgage?[……]

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Do you want to update your melamine kitchen or bathroom cabinets? The most economical way is to repaint them or apply a faux finish to the cabinets and doors. Let your imagination run wild! However, if you can invest a bit of time and money, here are a few ideas that require a bit of patience and dexterity.

These ideas involve covering your cupboard cabinets and doors with materials you can find in big-box stores.


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Do you want to keep ahead of trends in decoration rather than follow them? Take a close look at the inside of bars, restaurants and clubs.

What attracts your attention is likely to be on the front page of a magazine in the near future. Bars and restaurants are often ahead of home decoration trends.

Decoration professionals admit it. They take advantage of a happy hour or a meal with plenty to drink to visually explore a bar or restaurant’s visual design.

Bar Eclairage_ISTOCKPHOTO_decoration

Invited to a reception in Old Montreal, a couple of professional decorators tell us about having been stricken by black wallpaper combined with a series of mirrors. You can imagine the rest. They used the same look in the entrance of their home. The black wallpaper and mirrors became the centrepiece of the entire interior decor, to the extent that the adjacent rooms fit with the entrance.

Because it’s an apartment, the two decoration pros used their genius to make sure that the entrance isn’t too dark.[……]

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This futuristic ensemble is the parliament of Brazil. The right-side up saucer contains the Senate, while the upside down saucer is the seat of the Chamber of Deputies. The two skyscrapers house the offices of bureaucrats, senators and deputies.

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If it’s true that ingenuity lies in simplicity, we should prostrate before Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. His parliament building, called the Brazilian National Congress, is simple, elegant and efficient.

It is under these domes that deputies and senators discuss the forthcoming World Cup of Soccer and the Rio Olympic Games.

Obviously it doesn’t make sense for senators and deputies to debate in such hermetic buildings. Actually they don’t; the two domes are symbols more than anything else. The two parliamentary assemblies are partially underground. The dome that opens to the sky symbolizes the deputies’ openness to the people, while the upside down dome symbolizes reflection.

Loyal to its philosophy, the Guide du Routard takes pride in providing the people’s point of view for which “the overturned bowl evokes comfortable senators, while its alter ego symbolizes deputies who are demanding to eat.”[……]

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