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It seems so easy at first glance! We are preparing to complete our tax return when the accountant suddenly brings us back to earth. “Careful, you’re not really a co-owner in the legal sense of the term.” What? “Another thing, about the old building you purchased, the cost of renovations may be a capital expenditure.” What? “Before I forget, did you know that the money you spent to advertise your space for rent is generally considered a tax-deductible expense?” What?

The temptation is strong to just give the accountant all your papers: “Here, take care of it. It’s too complicated for me!” and wash your hands of it. Then doubt sets in as you lay on your pillow that night. No, you tell yourself, I have responsibilities as an owner, and I will assume them. It’s my duty to understand a minimum of what there is to understand.[……]

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Also known as “gyprock,” “sheetrock” or “plasterboard,” sheets of gypsum are found everywhere in the structure of modern houses. In fact, gypsum has become the reference material over the years. So what could be more natural than to choose this material to finish our walls?

You would think it wouldn’t be complicated to buy this wall component. However, once you get to your building centre, you’re faced with a variety of dimensions and colours. Which one do you choose?

First you have to know your needs. Are you going to use it in a regular room, or a humid area like a bathroom where air quality is very important, or a space that needs to be fire-resistant?

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Shaker furniture is a stark and austere interior that is almost off-putting: brown table and chairs, white wall and wood floors, white basin to wash in, a broom leaning against the wall and a lone ball of wool for a patchwork blanket. The only thing missing is a cat to play with the ball of wool.

Yet Shaker craftsmen are recognized as masters of design among our Southern neighbours. Reputable cabinetmakers attempt to recreate works exposed in various museums. Pieces from the period are worth a fortune.

It’s true that compared to contemporary design highlighted by glass and steel, the Shaker style is a poor child. Simple and minimalist, it’s a perfect example of voluntary simplicity. At least that’s our impression. But take a closer look and the impression already seems more fitting. [……]

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The last Junior World Hockey Championship was held in Sweden’s third largest city Malmö. Most players probably looked up at this building that twists from top to bottom. The top of the building has a 90-degree twist with respect to the bottom floor.

The twist is made up of nine giant cubes. Each cube is composed of six storeys and is angled in relation to the other cubes.

The Turning Torso is a residential building inaugurated in 2005. At 190 metres, it’s the tallest skyscraper in Sweden, and even in Scandinavia. It is the second tallest residential building in Europe.

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