Two highnesses greet you

Have you ever noticed that in epic movies, there is often a great scene where, as a spectator, you go through a natural gateway that leads to a mysterious kingdom?

The gateway can be an arch, two rocky columns, two huge fountains, two big trees leaning over a water course.

We can’t wait to get to the other side to see what waits. In the Lord of the Rings for example, the community slides slowly over a river by going between two huge and imposing men sculpted in the rock.

Relatively speaking, that’s the sensation you get from the two Kio towers in Madrid. From the top of their 114 metres and 26 storeys, they lean majestically over Paseo de la Castellana Boulevard. The two highnesses invite to step forward into a new world.[……]

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Add some life!

[caption id="attachment_79" align="alignleft" width="281" caption="Source: - Atelier Petite Californie"][/caption]

Just try it out. With children big and small. Use musical instruments as decorative items. Leave them lying around and see how people react.

Maybe you’re thinking about the djembe, flute and synthesizer? Interesting. But have you ever heard of the tamböa, cajón and darbouka?[……]

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Can the value of a home replace an RRSP?

According to TD Bank Group, the answer is no. “Even if selling your home is a great way to increase your retirement income, and unless you want to adopt a much simpler lifestyle, it probably won’t generate enough money for your entire retirement. It’s important to have access to savings funds and additional investments, such as an RRSP, a TFSA, pension benefits or shares,” states a press release where, in conjunction with a questionnaire, the institution unveils the results of a survey on beliefs about retirement in Quebec.

It’s true that the net worth of a home represents a significant amount. Until recently a house could provide the owner with a comfortable cushion, but that no longer holds true today. [……]

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And behold, there was light!

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Does your kitchen face north? Do you need light in your closet? Do you suffer from the winter blues? Have you thought of installing a light tube?

No, we’re not talking about a skylight, but a simple light tube that brings daylight inside. It works in both big and small rooms.[……]

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