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Can a house really generate savings? We hear so many owners complain about all the money they can pump into a house that you might end up thinking that a house is a bottomless pit when it comes to your budget. The real pessimistic owners complain about always having to pay and pay.

Two writers offer various ways to reduce our household bills. They have opposite approaches. The first one opts for classic savings; the second one takes the road less traveled.

A reporter for the business pages of La Presse newspaper, Stéphanie Grammond offers her advice in her paperback Acheter sans se faire rouler. In terms of insurance, she invites owners to use common sense. You can save a lot over the years by doing certain renovations, getting an alarm system, not making insurance claims for every little thing and having a deductible higher than $300.[……]

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John Lennon said “Rock and roll will change the world.” He wasn’t wrong. The devil’s music, as everyone loved to call it in the 50s, changed the cultural habits of millions of people around the world. “The first time I heard the Beatles, I knew that the world would never be the same,” said Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of Love in the time of cholera and 100 years of solitude and winner of a Nobel prize for literature.

Rock and roll has left its mark on the world of decoration. Pop Art has brought us the classic rock and roll design: jukebox, black and white tile floor, Coca Cola bottle, Cadillac, lithographs featuring Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lennon, rubbing shoulders with actors of the period like James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Did rock and roll influence architecture? At first glance, no. Unless it’s part of a modern movement by serving as inspiration for an architect looking for a new style. However, some buildings do have a rock and roll look, like the Experience Music Project (EMP). But the design is more 70s psychedelic rock than light frou-frou rock and roll of the 50s.

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