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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of pre-finished panelling are the brown-groove imitation-wood panels that still cover many walls. Vestige of a bygone era? What do you do with it? Remove it? Reuse it?

Walls that are finished with this material use grooves, wood or plastic baseboards and door and window frames.

If you want to reuse this panelling, be careful when removing the nails (dry wood breaks easily). Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to reuse them in a pantry or other fairly hidden space.[……]

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The construction of intergenerational homes has not experienced its expected popularity. Condominiums have mesmerized investors in recent years, at the expense of rental properties. However, senior citizens are omnipresent, and numerous. And do you know what? Their numbers are increasing every year. We haven’t seen anything yet.

Are you thinking of investing in real estate? The senior citizen housing market is a prime category. But you have to know the preferences of retirees and future retirees and how to adapt to them.[……]

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In Bora Bora, you take a nap listening to the ocean murmur under the floor. In Kenya, you lounge in your hotel room while lions, buffalo, cheetahs, hyenas and other wild animals walk under your feet. From time to time you take a look outside:  Look over there—it’s a giraffe!

All of that thanks to construction on stilts (piles).

Carole and her daughter Catherine, a future anthropologist, returned from their trip to Kenya totally amazed. They brought back this photo of Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge where they stayed during their trip to Africa. Do you know who built this unusual hotel? Hilton International—back in 1972!

Built on wood piles, the hotel allows tourists to observe the comings-and-goings of African animals without having to go on safari. The animals come to drink from a source located nearby. No harm is caused to the wildlife because the hotel does not block the natural migration routes.

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