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You have a piece of wood or veneer furniture that you want to give a second life to. You’re getting ready to strip it. First you need know what product was used to finish so that you use the appropriate solvent.

You believe that you can tell what product was used just by looking at it? Don’t be too overconfident. The easiest way to identify the product is to perform a test on a hidden corner with different solvents.

Furniture that has an oil finish usually has a natural colour and a flat finish. Mineral spirits will remove the finish. Sanding will probably be required to remove the colour.[……]

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Also known as “gyprock,” “sheetrock” or “plasterboard,” sheets of gypsum are found everywhere in the structure of modern houses. In fact, gypsum has become the reference material over the years. So what could be more natural than to choose this material to finish our walls?

You would think it wouldn’t be complicated to buy this wall component. However, once you get to your building centre, you’re faced with a variety of dimensions and colours. Which one do you choose?

First you have to know your needs. Are you going to use it in a regular room, or a humid area like a bathroom where air quality is very important, or a space that needs to be fire-resistant?

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