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A Window’s Decorative Artistry

Windows are not only used to regulate the indoor temperature, let in natural sunlight and block outdoor noises from coming inside. They can also be used to create a multitude of decorative designs. The trick is knowing how to use them to their best advantage.

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The window itself can be aesthetically pleasing, through its shape (circle, half-moon, quarter-moon, octagon, oval), its material (wood, PVC, metal), its glass (frosted, stained) and its coverings (curtains, textiles, blinds, sheer fabrics, shutters).

The French door fits into an interior wall. It provides more light to a room or adds a beautiful element to the decor, acting as an interior window. It can also slide into an exterior wall, which we, Canadians, call the patio-door.[……]

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Don’t hide your light under a basket!

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Who doesn’t want a laundry chute to send our dirty clothes directly next to the washing machine? Unfortunately, not every residence is built for one. So what practical and attractive alternatives are available in laundry baskets?

Is your laundry basket ready for a trade-in? Let’s consider the possibilities by looking at current style trends.[……]

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