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The concrete revolution

Do you not like concrete? It’s grey, cold, ugly, uniform, old fashioned. You don’t even like the word “concrete”. But concrete has come a long way in the last few years! The proof: there is concrete that generates light because of the luminous fibre optics it contains. Want to hear more?

There is translucent concrete which allows the natural light to shine through, self-cleaning and depolluting concrete, concrete that sparkles, concrete that reproduces photos, concrete that changes colour. All of this could be flooding the market soon.

Good old traditional concrete is easy to maintain, resistant, waterproof, solid. Originally reserved for industrial buildings and architecture, concrete has become a popular decorative material in the last few years.

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Concrete is not a noble material, but it highlights natural materials like wood, stone and slate. As a floor covering, it fits easily with any of these materials to ensure variety when it comes to flooring. It has even been used to complement terra cotta tiles. [……]

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A touch of fashion for your decor

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Slowly but surely they are revolutionizing the design world: luminous fibre optic fabrics. These fabrics shine with a thousand lights. And not only is their use unlimited, they also add a spectacular touch to your decor.

The attached images are worth a thousand words. They give you a glimpse of the impact that luminous fabrics can have in a room. Keep in mind that their full effect requires partial or total darkness.

The flexibility of the fabric is quite surprising. According to Renée-Claude Auclair of the Teknolight firm, researchers created fibre optics the width of a hair, then inserted them in fabrics like polyester.

You can buy the finished product as shown in the LumiGram or Teknolight catalogues or order the fabric and give free reign to your imagination.


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