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Choose a Home and Deal with Its Surroundings

This happens quite often enough. Some homeowners start off by being very happy with their new purchase, but they end up being disappointed. Is it because the property no longer suits their needs? On the contrary! The problem is the area, the neighbours, the public services. Before buying the property, these homeowners thought it was unnecessary to explore the neighbourhood. Bad idea!

You are so excited to have found the property of your dreams that you immediately sign the papers because you are afraid someone else will buy it. The seller, on the other hand, is happy the house is selling quickly, especially if he gets the price he asked for. With no bad intentions in mind, he exaggerates the advantages that come with buying the home. “How far from downtown Montréal?” “Thirty minutes” (when it actually takes an hour) “Where is the nearest subway station?” “A ten-minute walk, at most!” (by bus, maybe) And so on.

The buyer and the seller are both feeling anxious. They’re in a hurry to close the deal. They create illusions. We believe what we want to believe. It’s normal.[……]

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“What, I need a permit for that?!”

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The homeowner just wanted to remove a wall between the kitchen and the dining room. She discusses it with her brother, who asks her if she requested a permit from the city. “What, I need a permit for that?!” she spouts.

She can’t believe it. Even for a wall? Like many people, she never would’ve thought that minor renovation work often requires a permit.

Always remember: most cities in Quebec require a renovation permit. Of course there are exceptions, but they’re rare. Therefore, the first step before undertaking any work is to consult the municipality to find out if a permit is necessary.[……]

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