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Via Capitale Saguenay/Lac St-Jean

Via Capitale Saguenay/Lac St-Jean

Real Estate Agency

Anne Gravel
Anne Gravel
Agency Director
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About Us

You want to buy or sell a property and enjoy at the same time, reassuring protections on the property and the mortgage?
You have found the right real estate banner.

The VIA CAPITALE team offers you:
- The mortgage Protection covering the reimbursement of mortgage payments in the event of job loss or death
- The home Protection covering appliances, electricity, heating and plumbing (participating brokers)
- More competent brokers thanks to many improvement courses and a QSC certification
- Exclusive mortgage offers with reputable financial institutions
- A widely publicized Internet website and an increased visibility due to an agreement with Micasa.ca, Quebec’s real estate web reference

You want more ? Call us now, our service offer deserves to be heard!

Agency Broker

  • Marylin Asselin

    Marylin Asselin

  • Vincent Beauchamp Laitres

    Vincent Beauchamp Laitres

  • Patricia Beaupré

    Patricia Beaupré

  • Denise Blanchette

    Denise Blanchette

  • Jean-Marc Blanchette

    Jean-Marc Blanchette

  • Marylène Boivin

    Marylène Boivin

  • Brenda Boivin

    Brenda Boivin

  • Sébastien Bouchard

    Sébastien Bouchard

  • Louis Brodeur

    Louis Brodeur

  • Sara Cormier

    Sara Cormier

  • Jean-Philippe Côté

    Jean-Philippe Côté

  • Alexandra Desbiens

    Alexandra Desbiens

  • Marc-André Desbiens

    Marc-André Desbiens

  • Jonathan Desjardins

    Jonathan Desjardins

  • Carl Ducasse

    Carl Ducasse

  • Michel Dufour

    Michel Dufour

  • Vicky Dufresne

    Vicky Dufresne

  • Guylaine Gagnon

    Guylaine Gagnon

  • Josée Gagnon

    Josée Gagnon

  • Michel Gagnon

    Michel Gagnon

  • Mélyssa Gagnon

    Mélyssa Gagnon

  • Patrick Gaudreault

    Patrick Gaudreault

  • Jean-Roch Girard

    Jean-Roch Girard

  • Marie-Audrey Girard

    Marie-Audrey Girard

  • Annie Girard

    Annie Girard

  • François Gobeil

    François Gobeil

  • Marie-Josée Grenon

    Marie-Josée Grenon

  • Céline Guillemette

    Céline Guillemette

  • Michelle Jean

    Michelle Jean

  • Charles-Olivier Jean

    Charles-Olivier Jean

  • Lana Lapointe

    Lana Lapointe

  • Hélène Lavoie

    Hélène Lavoie

  • Jacques Lavoie

    Jacques Lavoie

  • Suzie Lavoie

    Suzie Lavoie

  • André Lessard

    André Lessard

  • Daniel Maltais

    Daniel Maltais

  • Stéphanie Marcil

    Stéphanie Marcil

  • Réjean Martin

    Réjean Martin

  • Isabelle Pilote

    Isabelle Pilote

  • Claude Potvin

    Claude Potvin

  • Jean François Potvin

    Jean François Potvin

  • Jean-Marc Prince

    Jean-Marc Prince

  • Karine Riverin

    Karine Riverin

  • Mélissa Roy

    Mélissa Roy

  • André Simard

    André Simard

  • Denise Trdina

    Denise Trdina

  • Serg Tremblay

    Serg Tremblay

  • Lisa-Marie Tremblay

    Lisa-Marie Tremblay

  • Daniella Tremblay

    Daniella Tremblay

  • Régis Tremblay

    Régis Tremblay

  • Sarah Tremblay

    Sarah Tremblay

  • Linda Turgeon

    Linda Turgeon

  • Hélène Turgeon

    Hélène Turgeon

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Properties for Sale

  • New
    159 999 $

  • New
    262 180 $ + GST/QST

  • New
    242 691 $ + GST/QST

  • New
    252 436 $ + GST/QST

  • New
    262 180 $ + GST/QST


Cities Covered

Desbiens, Dolbeau-Mistassini, Eeyou Istchee Baie-James , Hébertville, Lalemant, Les Bergeronnes, Mashteuiatsh, Mont-Valin, Passes-Dangereuses, Rivière-Mistassini...