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Nowadays, most transactions can be made online: even the purchase of a home! If the many real estate platforms available provide attractive offers, a broker is always your best ally. Why is that?

Platforms generally promise their customers that they will be able to easily buy a house, without paying for the services of a broker (which is always the case, since the brokers' salary is at the seller's expense). For an experienced buyer, this option may be the right one. But for the others? The sharp eye of a Via Capitale broker allows you to find a gem without having to look through the city to find it. This expert knows how to detect potential glitches, negotiate skillfully in your favor, and help you understand the intricacies of a real estate transaction.


Finding the perfect property is not always easy... or even pleasant. Sometimes the photos online can make a property seem like a dream home, but several aspects, such as poor location, a noisy neighborhood, poor quality construction or hidden defects can quickly turn the visit into a nightmare.... Many buyers are discouraged after going through these disappointments.

This is when a broker's expertise is a lifesaver: He saves you hours of research and days of useless visits. With your list of criteria in hand, your broker will find available properties and only present you with those that you might like.

Bonus: During a visit, the neutral observation of this ally could save you a costly mistake. Buying a home is a very special transaction: a large amount is at stake, and so is the comfort of your family. It's hard to keep your emotions out of this decision! Your broker looks at the properties you visit with an objective eye, allowing you to avoid scams, and keep your needs in plain sight. By evaluating the necessary work, your broker may even have the sale price lowered.

In many cases, however, research is not the most complex part. Without a broker, even experienced buyers can be annoyed by the bidding, counteroffering, inspection, and negotiation process. Real estate transactions are much more complex than they seem, especially in a fierce market where one must act quickly! These transactions englobe financial, commercial, technical, and legal aspects all into one. From research to notarization, tax credits and application to the RAP program, your broker has a great deal of valuable advice to offer you.

His support is particularly important for first-time buyers. In addition to taking charge of every step of the transaction and helping you find the right property at the right price, your broker will pass on their market knowledge, and help steer your research in the right direction. Who knows, the house or condo of your dreams may be hiding in a neighborhood you hadn't thought of?


Another advantage of dealing with a broker is the size of his network. In addition to having the necessary training to master real estate transactions, Via Capitale brokers rely on a list of very useful contacts: property banks abroad, financial advisors, notaries, and building inspectors can be called in as reinforcements at any time.

As a professional, your broker also has access to more properties, and can acquire more information about each of them - such as claims history. Your Via Capitale broker can also help you find an exceptional property, or a home that aligns with your environmental values - several members of our network are certified EcoBrokers!


Need more convincing before calling a broker? Take a look at the free exclusive protections offered to buyers by the expert members of the Via Capitale network. With our homebuyer and mortgage programs, as well as our legal assistance services, you will be ready for any possible incident. These protections insure you in case of defective devices or equipment, loss of employment or disputes.

Since Via Capitale is one of the most dynamic networks of real estate professionals in Quebec, we are also able to negotiate interesting offers with several suppliers. Our goal is to reduce your burden with various discounts on moving products and services.

And if you're still not convinced, remember that it's the seller who pays for the services of a real estate broker. There is no reason to deprive yourself of an expert's help!