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There's no need to go around banks, credit unions or trusts looking for the best mortgage loan.

Every year, Via Capitale brokers help buyers receive several millions of dollars’ worth of loans. Using their strong negotiation skills, Via Capitale brokers can refer you to a mortgage advisor who can offer the most beneficial loan for your needs.

Through a special agreement with Via Capitale, our partnering financial institutions offer personalized services to our buyers, such as:

  • Guaranteed interest rate;
  • Interest refunds;
  • Amount of the pre-authorized loan;
  • Assessment costs - amount to be determined by the financial institution;
  • Admissibility for seasonal promotions;
  • Etc.


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In addition, when you obtain your mortgage from one of these three partnering institutions and you purchase your property with a Via Capitale broker, you get free mortgage protection covering your mortgage payments.

Designed specifically for the buyer, mortgage protection is the best protection in the real estate market. In the event of job loss or accidental death, Via Capitale will make mortgage payments (including capital and interest) of up to a maximum of $25,000, without requiring any refund. Monthly payments of condo fees are also covered. Mortgage protection is effective for up to 12 months from the date the notarial deed is signed. *

*Some conditions apply.


Please fill out the form by clicking here to send your application to a mortgage representative of the institution of your choice. They will contact you to:

  • Pre-qualify you, or in other words, confirm in writing how much your institution is willing to lend you based on your income
  • Introduce you to the different types of mortgages that the institution is willing to offer.