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How to choose

a broker

Is doing business with a real estate broker still useful?

We often hear that selling or buying a property without the help of a real estate broker has never been easier. With the array of tools and platforms available online, you might even think that it is possible to complete a transaction with just a few clicks.

In practice, the reality is quite different.

Are you a seller? Between estimating the price, writing the factsheet, taking photos, publishing and promoting, managing calls and emails, organizing open houses, negotiating with clients, drafting the offer and preparing the contract... The tasks to be accomplished are enough to make you dizzy!

Are you a buyer? In the active market we know, where overbidding is often the norm, the property you want most can slip through your fingers without a good buying strategy and solid negotiation skills.

Is it a good idea to dive into the real estate market without a broker?

Yes... and no. It is quite possible to do so, if you have the time and contacts. But for both the seller and the buyer, a real estate transaction can quickly become a full-time occupation. If your professional and personal obligations cannot accommodate this new responsibility, it will be exhausting and discouraging. In addition, without the expertise of a real estate professional, you may not get the best value for your transaction.

Why hire a broker?

Using the services of a professional allows you to gain peace of mind, and to take advantage of sound advice. A real estate transaction is often the foundation of a new adventure or the fulfillment of life-long dream. You are better off being sure about what you are undertaking with the help of someone you can trust by your side.

For sellers, the broker comes into play from the very beginning. They handle every step, from putting up the sign to signing the contract. Their services, however, go far beyond these aspects. As a member of your team, they will guide you. They calculate the possible sale price, analyze the market, offer tips for the presentation of the house and negotiate using their knowledge and expertise, all while keeping your best interest at heart.

While avoiding several headaches for sellers, real estate brokers also offer an invaluable service to buyers: They transmit to them the knowledge they have acquired over the years. This expertise is all the more beneficial to first-time buyers. Your broker will help you define your search criteria and separate requirements from advantages. Once they have gathered all this information, they will set out in search of the ideal home. They will then prepare an open house itinerary for you, which will help save you time.

In addition to his experience and knowledge of the market, the broker has another very important asset: his network. Offers posted on the web are just the tip of the iceberg. By working with colleagues, your broker can find properties that have just landed on the market, check the history of the home you are interested in and compare it to available homes.

You and your broker, the perfect team

Taking on a real estate transaction is a complex process which can sometimes be lengthy and emotional. Choosing a broker you are comfortable with is therefore essential. In the most difficult times, this relationship of trust will allow you to hold on. Keep in mind that real estate brokerage is a non-compulsory service, you are entitled to seek satisfaction.

Your broker should first have completed the required 500-hour training and be recognized by the OACIQ. It is preferable that he belong to a renowned banner. Being part of a network in all regions of Quebec will allow him to network with his colleagues. This collaboration could speed up your efforts, for both sales and for purchases.

The type of recent transactions, the number of years of experience, the knowledge of the industry you are interested in, the acknowledgements and feedback of former clients are also things to consider. All this information is also available in the Via Capitale search tool.

Ultimately, since having a good relationship with your broker is essential, don't hesitate to meet more than one. Some prefer a pragmatic broker, looking for the best deals. Others see the search for a home as a very emotional one. Find the professional who will listen to your needs and expectations.