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A guide for moving while avoiding unpleasant surprises

Have you ever heard the stories of serial movers? Year after year, they pack their belongings and drop their suitcases at a new address, sometimes simply for a change of scenery. If you don't think of your move in such a positive light, follow our guide to make this experience more enjoyable.

As soon as you know your moving date:

  • Make a budget for your moving expenses.
  • Book the services of a mover – or of those around you.
  • Define your additional insurance needs for the transportation of your belongings
  • Make an appointment with all your providers (internet, telephone, television, oil, gas, electricity...) Booking in advance can save you from having to wait several days for service at your new home.
  • If you are not moving into a new building, consider booking painters or a cleaning team if necessary.
  • Start accumulating boxes and wrapping paper, you'll never have too many.
  • Make a list of items that need to stay where they are.
  • Pack what you won’t need until then: winter clothes, summer sporting goods, Christmas decorations, picture albums, books...
  • Think about decluttering: you don't have to move what you don't want to keep. You can sell or donate these items.
  • Prepare your children for change. Talk about it in advance to avoid putting them in shock and get them excited about planning the decoration of their room or the activities you will do once you arrive.

Two months before your move, communicate your new address...

  • To the government through the Service québécois de changement d’adresse(Quebec Change of Adress Service).
  • Don't forget Canada Post and Canada Revenue which are not included in this service. To professionals: your doctor, dentist, optometrist, lawyer, notary, veterinarian, accountant...
  • To professionals: your doctor, dentist, optometrist, lawyer, notary, veterinarian, accountant...
  • To your insurers: life and accident, automobile, home, dental and medical.
  • And to all others: relatives and friends, subscriptions, financial institutions, schools, daycares, employers, unions, municipal library, clubs or associations you are a part of…

In the weeks leading up to the big day:

  • Start making your boxes. By spreading the task over several days, you will get less tired. Give yourself a quota: 3 boxes per day!
  • Book a babysitting service for your children and pets.
  • Confirm your agreement with the mover: date, time, price, insurance, directions to your home, phone number in case of unexpected events.
  • Check if your movers offer wardrobe boxes: they'll hang your clothes in them in a split second, and you won't have to iron them after storing them away.
  • Start grouping your boxes and furniture in one room, preferably on the ground floor.
  • Get to know your new neighbourhood! Where are the hardware stores, pharmacies or convenience stores closest to your new home? Where can you enjoy pizza or ice cream after your long day of moving?

The day before:

  • Assemble the items you plan to move yourself and identify them to avoid confusion.
  • Free the entrance area all the way to the area your items are located.
  • Unhook the curtains, frames, shelves and fixtures you will keep.

The day of :

  • Pack essentials you haven't packed yet.
  • Gather all your electronic devices and chargers.
  • Check the condition of your furniture before departure. If necessary, take pictures as reference.
  • Open every door, and check inside every cupboard and drawer to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Write down your oil, electricity and gas meter readings.
  • Keep all important documents related to the move (bills, contracts, cheques...)
  • Don't forget to hand over all your keys (even those to the shed and mailbox!)

Once you arrive at your destination:

  • Check the condition of your furniture and note the breaks, using the photos you took beforehand.
  • Take note of any lost items along the way.
  • Note the meter readings of your new home.

Note the meter readings of your new home.