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An intergenerational home: Is it the right solution for you?

More and more families are tempted to purchase an intergenerational home. Defined by the government of Quebec as “a concept of housing that allows a family to cohabitate with its aging parents, in a single house composed of two independent units of different sizes”, this typically allows three generations to cohabitate.

The market targets individuals from 35 to 50 years old and, at a time where the population is aging, the concept is increasingly popular. Especially present in the regions of the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Laval, intergenerational (or bigenerational) residences are sold at around $500,000 or about 15% higher than single-family and conventional homes. 

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Lots of big plans? 3 tips to help you maintain your financial zen!

Found the home of your dreams? Decided on your wedding date? First child on the way? You’ve got a lot happening. How do you make sure these milestones don’t turn into financial burdens?
This active phase of adult life, marked by many happy events, also brings its share of new responsibilities, along with lots of expenses–which is why it’s important to prioritize your goals, keeping in mind that after you achieve the first one, there’ll be more to come!

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Wabi-sabi, or the beauty of imperfection – trendier than ever in 2019

Fads come and go but wabi-sabi is here to stay! In a world where everything moves at full speed, it’s a real breath of fresh air.

It isn’t easy to translate wabi-sabi. Wabi refers to solitude and the simplicity of living alone in nature, whereas sabi could be translated by “wilted” or “withered.” There’s nothing particularly charming about these two words. However, this remarkably minimalist aesthetic concept encourages us to appreciate the beauty of natural phenomena and the passage of time while promoting quality over quantity.

Basically, this Japanese philosophy with Buddhist roots that is entering our homes opposes mass consumption and fleeting fads by peacefully and humbly embracing imperfection and incompleteness. Follow these basic rules to understand and adopt wabi-sabi.

Simple and refined decor

Simplicity and serenity go hand in hand. Wabi-sabi invites us to declutter our houses of the unnecessary to create a modest and inspiring space for happy living. It’s not about systematically tossing out every useless item but learning to appreciate things as they are – and oneself at the same time. It’s necessary for happiness: slow down and mindfully enjoy the present moment.

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