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Selling your home with Via Capitale

By seeking the help of a Via Capitale real estate broker, you put all the chances on your side by delegating the crucial stages of the sale or rental of your property to a professional. This is the first step to achieving a beneficial and skillfully negotiated transaction.


Although retaining the services of a real estate broker is not mandatory, this professional will guide you wisely by accompanying you every step of the way. According to the National Association of Realtors, homeowners who decide to do without real estate brokers typically make less profitable transactions. The reason is simple: with a strong network and years of experience, the broker can attract more qualified buyers.

By seeking the help of an experienced Via Capitale broker, you will also enjoy many advantages such as a personalized service guarantee. This guarantee is accompanied by a unique program aimed at attracting potential buyers and protecting sellers in the event of rescission by the promising buyers.

Trusting the sale of your home to Via Capitale means having the opportunity to sell more quickly and with peace of mind. It also means taking advantage of the excellent resources of one of the most dynamic real estate brokerage networks in Quebec.

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Because your Via Capitale broker specializes in real estate transactions, he is constantly on the lookout for availability on the market. This can allow you to discover properties for rent that are not publicly advertised. Check with the agency in your area.


To sell quickly, you need to make sure that potential buyers see your property in its best light. In a fierce real estate market, this is far from being an easy task. Here are our tips to put all the odds in your favor.

  • Expose your property to as many buyers as possible. This is the best way to find the one who will be willing to pay your price.
  • Choose an experienced real estate broker. This will help you make your property more attractive and promote your offer.
  • Avoid moving before you have sold your property (if possible). It has been proven that selling an uninhabited house is more difficult. An empty house seems neglected and is less attractive, which, in the end, could cause you to lose thousands of dollars.
  • Have your home evaluated by a professional. Most brokers offer this service for free.
  • Ask for a realistic price. Some properties stay on the market for years before they find a buyer because their owners are trying to put a price on their memories...Aiming too low won't work in your favor either.


  • Take care of the exterior. An attractive front lawn and yard will entice the buyer to visit the inside of the home. Maintain lawns, flowerbeds and driveways. In winter, plow sidewalks and balconies.
  • Refresh the interior. Peeled paint or damaged woodwork will reduce the buyer's interest.
  • Clean up. Shiny and clean windows, floors and surfaces are a precious asset.
  • Light up the place. Generous lighting is always welcoming, especially if your windows are limited. Open the curtains and let the light in. In the evening, turn on both the inside and outside lights.
  • Repair the faucet. A leaky faucet can cause the buyer to doubt the quality of the home’s plumbing.
  • Pay attention to detail. A door that does not close properly, molding that peels off, an ill-fitting door handle...these imperfections will discourage potential buyers.
  • Make the most of the home’s space, from the basement to the atticThese often-forgotten areas are important storage spaces. Clear the basement, the attic and closets of unnecessary objects accumulated there.
  • Keep an eye on the stairs. Crowded stairs are dangerous and leave a bad impression on the buyer.
  • Rearrange your closets Tidy clothes and items neatly placed in wardrobes give visitors the impression that your home has enough storage.
  • Make your kitchen shine. To impress your guests, make sure that your appliances are clean, that your countertops are tidy and that the decoration is tasteful.
  • Check the bathroom twice. In many cases, a clean bathroom makes a home easy to sell.
  • Make your bedroom welcoming. A place of rest by choice, the bedroom should be warm, tidy and have a relaxing atmosphere.


  • Stay away. Let your broker accompany the visitor. They know what the buyer's points of interest are and how to enhance them. In addition, if too many people are present, the buyer may feel as though they are disturbing and may end up shortening their visit.
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere. Your broker and buyer should be able to speak freely. A television or noisy sound system can be disturbing. The same goes for pets; some people do not like them as much and might feel uncomfortable around them.
  • Leave it to your broker to answer the questions. Tastes, styles and colors are not to be discussed. Regardless of the objections raised by visitors, do not interfere.
  • Don't rush anything. Don't try to get the customer interested in buying furniture or carpets before they have decided to buy the house. You could jeopardize the transaction. It is important to wait for the appropriate time.
  • Do not negotiate with the buyer. It is tempting to discuss the sale price or the ownership takeover with the buyer, but it is wiser to let your broker take care of it. They are qualified to negotiate with your interests in mind.

Lastly, if you only had one piece of advice to remember, it would be this: you only have one opportunity to make a good impression. From the moment the sale is posted to the moment you sign the contract, don't hesitate to ask questions to your broker. He will take you in the right direction.