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Via Capitale Diamant

Via Capitale Diamant

Real Estate Agency

Louis-Claude Boulard
Louis-Claude Boulard
Agency Director
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The Quebec side of the Outaouais, an outsanding cost vs. quality of life ratio and a wonderful blend of urban and rural Real Estate. Over 281 000 population, the fourth largest urban area in Quebec and the fourth largest in Canada. Both our offices, are less 15 minutes from Ottawa's Parliament Hill.

You want to buy or sell a property and enjoy at the same time, reassuring protections on the property and the mortgage? You have found the right real estate banner.

The VIA CAPITALE team offers you:

The mortgage Protection covering the reimbursement of mortgage payments in the event of job loss or death

The homebuyer Protection covering appliances, electricity, heating and plumbing

The homeowner Protection covering against failure of promisor-buyers to conclude the sale.

Legal assistance is also offered to our clients in the  buyer's or owner's interest.

Call us now, our service offer deserves to be heard!

Agency Broker

  • Pierre Alain

    Pierre Alain

  • Nathalie Beaudoin

    Nathalie Beaudoin

  • Guy Denis Bélanger

    Guy Denis Bélanger

  • Jesse Bigras

    Jesse Bigras

  • Robert Bleau

    Robert Bleau

  • Marc-Antoine Bleau-Touchette

    Marc-Antoine Bleau-Touchette

  • Louis-Claude Boulard

    Louis-Claude Boulard

  • Frédéric Bussière

    Frédéric Bussière

  • Alessandro Cardinali

    Alessandro Cardinali

  • Marc-Antoine Céré

    Marc-Antoine Céré

  • Chadi Chamouri

    Chadi Chamouri

  • Joël Charron

    Joël Charron

  • Jean Cyr

    Jean Cyr

  • Mathieu Doucet

    Mathieu Doucet

  • Jonathan Doucet

    Jonathan Doucet

  • Sébastien Fortier

    Sébastien Fortier

  • Marie-Pier Gagnon

    Marie-Pier Gagnon

  • Martine Gélineau

    Martine Gélineau

  • Frédéric Guénette

    Frédéric Guénette

  • Marc-André Guertin

    Marc-André Guertin

  • Ruihong Guo

    Ruihong Guo

  • Amine Inssa

    Amine Inssa

  • Samuel Lafleur

    Samuel Lafleur

  • Charles Lecours

    Charles Lecours

  • Paul Henri Maheux

    Paul Henri Maheux

  • Richard Martineau

    Richard Martineau

  • Suzanne Mercier

    Suzanne Mercier

  • Danik Mulligan

    Danik Mulligan

  • Kurt Mumme

    Kurt Mumme

  • Gerry Nault

    Gerry Nault

  • Olivier Parent

    Olivier Parent

  • Gabrielle Petrucci

    Gabrielle Petrucci

  • Jacqueline Pierre

    Jacqueline Pierre

  • Alexandr Pierre Lemoine

    Alexandr Pierre Lemoine

  • Patrick Presseault

    Patrick Presseault

  • Maxime Rosarion

    Maxime Rosarion

  • Josée Savoie

    Josée Savoie

  • Samir Sidi Said

    Samir Sidi Said

  • Wasana Subhani

    Wasana Subhani

  • Maxime Thériault

    Maxime Thériault

  • Jean-Gabriel Thérien

    Jean-Gabriel Thérien

  • Christine Thibeault

    Christine Thibeault

  • Cathryne Thibert

    Cathryne Thibert

  • Mélanie Tremblay

    Mélanie Tremblay

  • Karl Zinho

    Karl Zinho

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    1 200pi²
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    1350 $ / month

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    1 072.09pi²
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    1 155pi²
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Alleyn-et-Cawood, Aumond, Blue Sea, Bois-Franc, Bouchette, Bristol, Bryson, Campbell's Bay, Cantley, Cayamant...