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Mauricie is located at the junction of the St. Lawrence and St. Maurice rivers that separate the region near the middle. The region is made up of 3 regional municipalities and 42 municipalities.

The economy of Mauricie relies on mining and processing natural resources: hydroelectricity, pulp and paper and forestry and agriculture.

You can buy a property in the Mauricie region’s cities and towns, and Via Capitale offers many choices. When you buy a property in the Mauricie region through a Via Capitale broker, the Via Capitale broker will offer you the benefits of the Via Capitale protections program. This protection for mortgage payments, plumbing, electricity and heating are reassuring when you settle in a new home.

Mauricie offers picturesque cities and towns, festivals and scenic routes. Old Trois-Rivières, where visitors can learn the history of New France and discover a neighbourhood with great shops, restaurants and cafés.

Mauricie abounds in vast green spaces, lakes and rivers that attract outdoor enthusiasts and sports fishermen alike.

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