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The Nord-du-Québec region was previously called New-Québec. It is made up of Nunavik, the territory of Nunavut and Eeyou Istchee and has some 11,000 inhabitants (90% Inuit). No road leads to this territory, which is only accessible by plane or boat.

You can buy a property in the Nord-du-Québec region’s cities and towns, and Via Capitale offers many choices. When you buy a property in the Nord-du-Québec region through a Via Capitale broker, the Via Capitale broker will offer you the benefits of the Via Capitale protections program. This protection for mortgage payments, plumbing, electricity and heating are reassuring when you settle in a new home.

The Nord-du-Québec is unique for its seasons, its landscapes and its endless nights, as the sun practically never sets during this season. The maximum temperature in summer doesn’t excess 9 to 11 C.

In winter, the clear black sky shines with a million stars and the Northern Lights dazzle with its multitude of colours. Icebergs and fjords are also tourist attractions.

It’s the ideal place for dog-sledding, snowmobiling, motor-boating and kayaking.

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Neils K. Jensen (Tourisme Baie James)
Credit: Neils K. Jensen (Tourisme Baie James)
Neils K. Jensen (Tourisme Baie James)
Credit: Neils K. Jensen (Tourisme Baie James)
Tourisme Ouje-Bougoumou
Credit: Tourisme Ouje-Bougoumou