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Via Capitale Distinction

Via Capitale Distinction

Real Estate Agency

Alain Joyal
Alain Joyal
Agency Director
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You want to buy or sell a property and enjoy at the same time, reassuring protections on the property and the mortgage?
You have found the right real estate banner.

The VIA CAPITALE team offers you:
- The mortgage Protection covering the reimbursement of mortgage payments in the event of job loss or death
- The home Protection covering appliances, electricity, heating and plumbing (participating brokers)
- More competent brokers thanks to many improvement courses and a QSC certification
- Exclusive mortgage offers with reputable financial institutions
- A widely publicized Internet website and an increased visibility due to an agreement with Micasa.ca, Quebec’s real estate web reference

You want more ? Call us now, our service offer deserves to be heard!

Agency Broker

  • Denise Allaire

    Denise Allaire

  • Michel Allard

    Michel Allard

  • Danny Beauchamp

    Danny Beauchamp

  • Eric Benoit

    Eric Benoit

  • Sonia Bernier

    Sonia Bernier

  • Judith Bilodeau

    Judith Bilodeau

  • Sébastien Blais Coutu

    Sébastien Blais Coutu

  • Patrick Chartier

    Patrick Chartier

  • Cédrik Chayer-Tremblay

    Cédrik Chayer-Tremblay

  • Hugo Chéné

    Hugo Chéné

  • Donald Chicoine

    Donald Chicoine

  • Patrick David

    Patrick David

  • Suzie Demers

    Suzie Demers

  • Stéphane Désilets

    Stéphane Désilets

  • Karine Desrosiers

    Karine Desrosiers

  • Maggy Dufour

    Maggy Dufour

  • Christine Duquette

    Christine Duquette

  • Nadia El Hafiane

    Nadia El Hafiane

  • Clara Chanel Federico

    Clara Chanel Federico

  • Patrice Ferguson

    Patrice Ferguson

  • Martine Forest

    Martine Forest

  • Ginette Fortin

    Ginette Fortin

  • Eric Foucrault

    Eric Foucrault

  • Manon Gadoury

    Manon Gadoury

  • Guy Gagné

    Guy Gagné

  • Jean-Denis Gaudet

    Jean-Denis Gaudet

  • Danielle Gaudet

    Danielle Gaudet

  • Jean-Michael Girard

    Jean-Michael Girard

  • Claire Hélène Gosselin

    Claire Hélène Gosselin

  • Linda Grenier

    Linda Grenier

  • Isabelle Guérin

    Isabelle Guérin

  • Jean-Pierre Hervieux

    Jean-Pierre Hervieux

  • Sarah-Jane Huppé-Viens

    Sarah-Jane Huppé-Viens

  • Nathalie Imonti

    Nathalie Imonti

  • Alain Joyal

    Alain Joyal

  • Nancy Klemencsics

    Nancy Klemencsics

  • Julie Kovacs

    Julie Kovacs

  • Amélie Labrecque

    Amélie Labrecque

  • Isabelle Lafrenière

    Isabelle Lafrenière

  • Marie-Josée Landry

    Marie-Josée Landry

  • Mireil Landry

    Mireil Landry

  • Christine Laporte

    Christine Laporte

  • Marie-Pier Lareault-Germain

    Marie-Pier Lareault-Germain

  • Chantal Laverdière

    Chantal Laverdière

  • Pascale Le Touchais

    Pascale Le Touchais

  • Gisèle Leduc

    Gisèle Leduc

  • André Lefrançois

    André Lefrançois

  • Etienne Lessard

    Etienne Lessard

  • Charles Martin

    Charles Martin

  • Caroline Martin

    Caroline Martin

  • Patrice Masson

    Patrice Masson

  • Catherine Masson

    Catherine Masson

  • Ian Matteau

    Ian Matteau

  • Normand Melançon

    Normand Melançon

  • Nicole Michalski-Sigouin

    Nicole Michalski-Sigouin

  • Mario Michel

    Mario Michel

  • Carl Mongrain

    Carl Mongrain

  • Nicolas Montmorency

    Nicolas Montmorency

  • Rida Morghati

    Rida Morghati

  • Frédéric Morneau

    Frédéric Morneau

  • Nickolas Nadeau

    Nickolas Nadeau

  • Philippe Nguyen

    Philippe Nguyen

  • Carole Paquette

    Carole Paquette

  • Annick Parent

    Annick Parent

  • Samuel Pellerin

    Samuel Pellerin

  • Claudine Pilon

    Claudine Pilon

  • Mélanie Pimparé

    Mélanie Pimparé

  • Ariane Plourde

    Ariane Plourde

  • Edith Prescott

    Edith Prescott

  • Karyne Raiche

    Karyne Raiche

  • Robert Sylvestre

    Robert Sylvestre

  • Jean-François Trudel

    Jean-François Trudel

  • Mélanie Verville

    Mélanie Verville

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Properties for Sale

  • Novelty
    399 000 $
    One-and-a-half-storey house

    1 + 1
  • Novelty
    405 000 $


  • 3
    1 + 1
  • 200 000 $ + GST/QST

    2 + 1

Cities Covered

Baie-de-la-Bouteille, Baie-Obaoca, Berthierville, Charlemagne, Crabtree, Joliette, La Visitation-de-l'Île-Dupas, Lac-Cabasta, Lac-Devenyns, Lac-Matawin...