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Via Capitale Accès

Via Capitale Accès

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Joseph Atallah
Joseph Atallah
Agency Director
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Choose one of our real estate specialists to buy or to sell any type of properties. We, at Via Capitale Distinction, beleive in the full satisfaction of our customers. Be sure to choose a Via Capitale Distinction agent.

Agency Broker

  • Nancy Barakett

    Nancy Barakett

  • Sonia Bédard

    Sonia Bédard

  • Simona Iuliana Bitlan

    Simona Iuliana Bitlan

  • Ronald Brazier

    Ronald Brazier

  • Suzy Cabana

    Suzy Cabana

  • Karim Choukri

    Karim Choukri

  • Robert Couture

    Robert Couture

  • Alexandre Delay

    Alexandre Delay

  • François Ducharme

    François Ducharme

  • Nathalie Duchesne

    Nathalie Duchesne

  • Wilfrid Gagnon

    Wilfrid Gagnon

  • Marjolaine Gingras

    Marjolaine Gingras

  • Mélanie LaGarde

    Mélanie LaGarde

  • Denise Laporte

    Denise Laporte

  • Jean-Marc Léger

    Jean-Marc Léger

  • Natalia Makhles

    Natalia Makhles

  • Clothilde Muanda

    Clothilde Muanda

  • Anick Paquet

    Anick Paquet

  • Luc Rivest

    Luc Rivest

  • Stephane Roy

    Stephane Roy

  • Robert Savage

    Robert Savage

  • Alain Servant

    Alain Servant

  • Rajan Trehan

    Rajan Trehan

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Beloeil, Boucherville, Calixa-Lavallée, McMasterville, Montréal (Anjou), Montréal (Montréal-Nord), Montréal (Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles), Montréal (Saint-Léonard), Montréal-Est, Saint-Amable...