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Are you looking for a fireplace to enhance the look of your yard? Here are the latest trends!

In the house or in the yard, fireplaces create warmth and set the mood. They can also be the main decorative element of a given space! But there are so many different models to choose from that the task can sometimes be difficult.

Here is everything you need to know about the trendiest summer 2020 models to help you choose the perfect fireplace for your outdoor space.

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Concrete fireplaces fit nicely in contemporary-style decor. Their raw appearance adds a touch of nature. Those with round shapes add a touch of softness, while angular models add character. Psst! There are several online tutorials to help you design your own concrete fireplace.

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Wood base models are also popular. Rustic or modern, smooth or textured, grey, black or brown… there are so many choices! Models like these add warmth to a yard; and since wood imitation fits into all settings, it’s a versatile choice.


Stone fireplaces are also in style, especially those made of rectangular and smooth pieces. They can be used for both classic and chic decor. Some yards can even hold fireplaces with large stone mantelpieces, like those that are usually found in homes.

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Stainless steel fireplaces are also currently popular. Whether round or square, they create a chic and refined look. Furthermore, stainless steel is an eco-friendly material because not only is it 100% recyclable, but it is also so resistant that it does not degrade (when using high-quality steel). Its only downside: it is pricier than the alternatives.


The type of flame that the fireplace produces also creates a specific atmosphere! This is why you need to consider the combustion to be used when shopping.


Wood-burning fireplaces are closest to traditional campfires. However, they look less refined and it can be annoying to have to get rid of the ashes that accumulate at the bottom of the structure.

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2. GAS

Gas fireplaces are certainly the trendiest at the moment. They require no chimney or wood, and they light up easily. They usually look beautiful, especially those with a line of fire. They are elegant and warm, and their wood fireplace appearance helps promote relaxation.


Ethanol fireplaces are also popular since they use organic fuel (made entirely from plants) and they emit very little CO2. They are completely odorless, and produce flames that go from blue to yellow, which is beautiful and soothing.

Before you choose a model, remember that it is best to first jot down your needs. Will the fireplace be used as a backup heating, a cooking tool or simply as a decorative object to add style to your outdoor decor? Once you have established your needs, wait to find the one that really catches your eye! Which one have you fallen in love with?