Modern Bathroom

Ideas to transform your bathroom into a space for self-care!

Enjoy Water Jets in The Shower


salle de bains eco bois

Multi-jets allow you to vary pleasurable moments in the bathroom as they are a source of well-being! Thanks to its invigorating qualities, hydromassage eliminates toxins. In the morning, it promotes circulation, and, in the evening, it relaxes fatigued muscles. It’s good for both the body and for moral. There are two main types of jets: the hand shower connected to the mixer by a hose or by a shower bar. You can also install a water-saving system to avoid waste.

Treat Yourself to A Hot Tub


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Hot tubs are a spa essential! Thanks to their massage and relaxation effects, the bubbles provide immediate feelings of relaxation and help get rid of fatigue and stress. Depending on your bathroom, you can choose a straight or angled hot tub. In any case, they are equipped with nozzles capable of propelling a mixture of air and water. Be careful, it is advisable not to exceed 30-minute sessions.

Adapt the Lighting


Rely on lighting to create a spa atmosphere. Light is essential for relaxation. Avoid direct lighting and opt for accent lighting. Relax with light patterns such as colorful spotlights and don’t hesitate to add a few candles.

Use Chromotherapy


Chromotherapy helps to cure certain disorders. It helps with physical, emotional and mental balance. Using different color codes, you can tone and stimulate your body with red or orange colors or, on the contrary, soothe yourself with greens or blues. There are different types of chromotherapy for the shower or bathtub. Ask a professional for help depending on your needs.

Create an Atmosphere


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Do you want to create a space for relaxation? The best thing is to work with the atmosphere! Don’t hesitate to declutter your bathroom and opt for essentials such as a bench that promotes relaxation and some plants. Add grates, fluffy white linen, some oils and candles. For furniture and accessories, choose natural materials, such as wood or wicker. Finally, play soft music, play with the lighting and don’t forget chromotherapy.

Enjoy Essential Oils and Soaps


There’s nothing like a relaxing bath after a day’s work! Be sure to take full advantage of the benefits of a bath; a few drops of essential oil should be added. Start by filling the bathtub, then add about ten drops of oil in the water. Never use pure oil; it could irritate your skin. Mix it with a solution of soap and milk. Choose your oil based on its qualities, they all have different properties. Consider using solid organic soaps. There are many different types to meet everyone’s needs.

A few amenities are enough to transform your bathroom into a space of relaxation and self-care… Let yourself be carried away!