Wine cellar and wine cave

Wine is suitable for all seasons, but during the rigours of fall and winter, it provides a warmth that is unique to it. During these times, it has the gift of reconciling us with life. Not surprising that lovers of good wine reserve a specific place for it.


Some people store it in their closet. Sacrilegious? Not at all. Good bottles of wine can be stored anywhere, as long as it is cool, devoid of light, has an ambient temperature between 10 and 15 degrees and 55% to 80% humidity. Warning! All these conditions must be respected to the letter, all year long. Wine is delicate and sensitive to changes in temperature. It needs stability. The slightest change can alter it.

To ensure this stability, some wine enthusiasts resort to a mini-air conditioner, a humidifier, a wine cooler, and other devices after having consulted a wine specialist.

There are two other mandatory conditions: the wine must be free from any vibration and the air it breathes must be pure. Therefore, you should avoid storing it in the garage.

The most ambitious disciples of Bacchus make cellars as soon as the number of bottles grows. And the most ambitious among them end up getting themselves a wine cave, or at least a space that goes beyond a simple cellar.


If you’re in that position, keep in mind that the space must be well insulated. It is the quality of the insulation that preserves the quality of the wine for the most part. A fibreglass, urethane or mineral wool mat and rigid foam insulation are cited as being appropriate materials.

Moisture-resistant gypsum panels and decorative bricks can act as cover materials. On the ground, slate, ceramic or any material that cuts the humidity is suitable.

Other tips:

  • Any wood structure must be free of glue as the cork of the bottle absorbs all surrounding odours.
  • Avoid wall-to-wall concrete in the storage room.
  • The bottles should always be laying down, labels facing up, so that the wine spreads to the cork.
  • If you paint, use mildew resistant paint and a dark tone.
  • You can find wine rack kits at local dealers.

Regardless of where you are at, between the closet and the wine cave, the best source of information remains the boutiques that sell wine accessories. These specialized merchants will be able to answer all your questions.

Don’t forget. Wine is fragile and fickly.