Walk-In Clutter? Easily Remedy the Situation!

Cleaning up is good, but it’s often a short-term solution: chaos will quickly return. So why are you having this problem? Your closet is probably disorganized. For tips on how to transform this room, read on.


Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items

First of all, remove any items that don’t belong in your closet. For example, unused sporting goods, books to give away, toys for sale, etc. Keep only what is related to clothing such as clothes, ties, shoes or handbags.

Use All Possible Space

If you run out of room, it may be because you’re not using all the space that is available. To maximize storage, make sure your closet is equipped with crates, hooks, or shelves from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. If ever you store things out of your reach, just use a step ladder to reach them.

Install Pot Lights Instead of a Hanging Light Fixture

If you are giving this room a feminine touch, you may want to complete the style with a trendy hanging fixture. Unfortunately, this object could become cumbersome and can even take up space if shelves are close to it, for example. Choose pot lights instead. You can even put them inside storage crates to clearly see your items. Very classy!


Paint It (Even Though No One Will See It!)

It’s true that we usually paint for better aesthetic. But we sometimes forget that it is also a form of maintenance! If the walls only have one layer of primer without paint, they will be difficult to clean. Dust will end up sticking to the baseboards and hangers will mark the walls… not painting your closet is a bad idea!

Add a Practical Bench

If space allows, add seating to your closet. It can be a securely attached shelf or a large ottoman.

Don’t Forget To Add a Mirror

To see yourself from head to toe and confirm your clothing choices, you need a large mirror. If you run out of space, you can install a thin model on the inside of the main door or a wardrobe door.

Choose Sliding Storage

For access to all the contents of a drawer without the chaos, sliding storage is ideal. Once closed, it takes up no more space than regular storage. It’s a great option!


No Closet? Make One!

One last tip: remember that you can create a large closet by using a section of a room. Just add a decorative panel that will define the space and add elements like a bench and storage. It can turn out looking very nice.

There are plenty of different options you can choose from to organize this area so that it becomes a practical space! Furthermore, a house with well-thought-out storage will attract more attention on real estate listings.