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Your Home May Contain Dirty Objects. Do You Know What They Are?

As spring is approaching, you are probably preparing for spring cleaning, like many others. You might also feel the need to clean your home to disinfect it from any possible germs.

When we clean, we can sometimes leave some areas behind (without even realizing it). In fact, we create a type of routine and certain objects or areas end up being forgotten. Here are the top 7 forgotten areas!

1. Reusable Bags

Reusable bags: They end up in the trunk of the car, at the back of the wardrobe or scattered in the garage! They are essential for shopping, but we sometimes forget to clean them. Some are machine-washable while others require being soaked in hot water with soap.

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2. Remote Controls

When was the last time you cleaned the TV or air conditioner remote? An all-purpose cleaning product is perfect for dislodging dirt. It’s simple… but we have to think about it!

3. Trash Cans Within the Home

When a garbage can smells bad, the bag is removed and thrown into the garbage outside. But this is not enough to keep it clean. Emanations from foods that rot in a garbage can infect the inside of its lid. Also, it is not uncommon for waste to be collected between the wall and the outside of the bag. Thus, the inside of garbage cans can be full of bacteria.

4. Light Switches

They are all over the house and are used excessively. According to several studies, light switches are constantly full of germs. Yet, they are forgotten when it comes when it comes to household cleaning. Probably because we rarely clean walls!

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5. The Top of High Objects

It is easy to ignore the dust that accumulates on objects that are high up, be it the top of the fridge, the edges of a painting, the wooden basket hanging on the wall, the top of the oven fan, etc. Don’t forget to wipe down these areas with a damp cloth!

6. Handles

Whether we’re talking about door handles, cupboards or drawers, they are often left behind when cleaning. But needless to say, they are the champions of welcomed microbes from all hands that touch them.

7. The Washing Machine

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Ironically, the machine used to clean our clothes is often full of dust. Many devices have a self-cleaning option which is helpful. However, this function obviously does not clean the outside of the basin. Dirt settles in all the spacing of the washer, so you sometimes need a thin, long object (e.g.: a cotton swab) to dislodge it.

Happy cleaning!