Make the light dance at home

It’s time to play with the light in order to outplay the shades of autumn. Light gives rhythm to an interior and defies the cold and dark seasons by projecting a zest for life thanks to the magic of reflections. Not only does light have the ability to transform a space, but it also improves the psychic comfort.

Don’t try to recreate a pool of natural light by opting for central pendant lighting. It’s a waste of time. In any case, the light would be too violent.

Instead, opt for several sources of that disperse the light everywhere. And have halos of light run on all the walls. The possibilities are endless: ceiling light and pendant lighting, wall-mounted lights, table lamps, floor lamps, projectors (recessed or not).

Play with the direction of the light source to create life. Today, most lights are adjustable and dimmable. The lighting can be lateral, built-in or angled or be part of the ground. The desired effect is often to highlight an object with indirect light behind the head of the bed, lighting hidden behind a piece of furniture, animation of rays of light of a bookshelf, lighting at the turning point of a staircase, projector over an aesthetic bed cover.


On the ground, the good old floor lamp never goes out of style, but don’t forget fluorescent tubes, integrated projectors and even table lamps placed on the ground.

The multiplication of light reflections is energizing. Our favourite: slatted lampshades that create confetti of light projected in the air. It gives a feeling of lightness. Not bad when fall puts all its weight on dark moments.


It’s true that certain materials reflect more light than others, such as metal or anything that is lacquered (even white), but don’t neglect wood since certain types beautifully mirror their contact with light. There’s also the fact that light has the gift of highlighting the texture of material like stone and brick.

Light and fabric also blend well. A light beam can highlight a velvet surface or a shiny fabric or light the contour of a decorative cushion.

There are all sorts of possibilities with light: mirror that multiplies the decorative lighting throughout the room, three small lamps on the same pole rather than one large one, light filtered through an airy screen for cotton effect, neon lights behind translucid glass. There’s no shortage of ideas.


Light also plays with colours. Orange-tinged lighting highlights wood by creating a naturally warm and cozy atmosphere, or can even highlight the elegance of black. In fact, dark colours reflect the light better than light colours.

Do you like design? You’re lucky. There’s a completely eccentric choice of light fixtures out there. You just have to shop around.

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