Decorate your yard

Pergola, tunnel, deck, gazebo, patio, all these structures are practical, but they also have a decorative aspect, especially when the deck turns into a living area, outdoor kitchen or reception area. Now we talk more about design, with everything this word implies in terms of audaciousness and imagination.

Today, you have to design your outdoor decoration with the same care as you do indoors, because the deck and patio are nothing more and nothing less than an extension of the living area.


At first, there are the big classics: flower beds, plant pots, small and large vases, grass, bushes, but outdoor decoration goes far beyond the landscaping.

If the deck is medium or large sized, you have something to play with. You can divide the space with benches, vases, decorative lattices, flower beds, screens, geometrical shapes on the ground or projectors at ground level, at night.

Furniture is another source of joy for decorators. Manufacturers and designers compete to offer furniture to beautify the deck and patio. Take a look at what’s available on the market and you will see that modern patio furniture is brimming with originality.

An infinite variety of styles are scrambling to take possession of your outdoor space: low table and sofa evoking Arabia, lantern, natural stone and bales of straw for the rustic look, Japanese minimalism, Latin atmosphere, contemporary sofa and bench design.


The most astonishing thing is the variety of shapes. A round table in the middle of a round deck provides a playful aspect. A deck with a curved platform and stylized poles is more chic. The juxtaposition of geometric shapes or different materials (wood, stone, concrete, brick) on the ground adds energizes to the surroundings.

A wood deck offers all the richness of this highly renewable material: light wood, dark wood, grained wood or with knots. An asymmetrical deck is a joy to behold. What do you do with the sharp angles? Benches, plants or decorative accessories?


There’s are also lighting: lights that highlight plants and decorative accessories, design lights with their highly decorative swath, making use of light and shadow, both day and night.

Other aspects for those who are passionate about decoration: monochrome or polychrome colour palette, imitation antique columns, stone poles, decorative staircase, shiny metal, illuminated glass and good old wrought iron.

Take the time to shop design stores and renovation centres for your outdoor decoration. You will see that times have really changed.

The reference below shows you a variety of decorative decks. Have fun!


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