Colour your decor with stained glass


Stained glass is an assembly of pieces of glass joined by lead strips. Coloured glass was already used at the time of the Egyptians and Romans. However, it’s in the Middle Ages that stained glass began to play a major role in decorative art.

Are you one of those people who love to gaze at stained glass windows when you visit churches? Does their sweet serenity soothe your spirit? Did you know that you can use stained glass to enhance your home decor? Tiffany lamps, as lovely as they are, are not the only possibility—not anymore.

Stained glass design can be contemporary, country, ultra modern or even contemplative. A full range of colours is available, from pastel to dark to outright garish. The effect will be soothing or stimulating, depending on the colours chosen.

Stained glass can be abstract or figurative, or it can portray a scene from everyday life or even a landscape. Sometimes, simple diamond shapes in warm colours in the right combination have great impact. What do you think about this door? Pretty, huh? It makes the entry to your home more personal, and has a lot of character.

If your front door is connected to a side window, the window can be embellished by a vertical pane of stained glass.  Guaranteed elegance!


Want to change your window coverings?  Replace traditional valances with a box covered by fabric that matches your draperies on which you insert stained glass elements at various spots. Or just use stained glass, mounted on a frame that you install at the top of your windows. It’s different and it adds a touch of class.

You might be tempted by a wood coffee table with a stained glass top. They’re gorgeous. You could even recycle your grandmother’s old table, the one that has a regular glass top. Replace it with stained glass and see the impact it has on your decor.

Stained glass fits in well as a decorative object, especially near a light source. In a frame, it can be hung near a window or function as a visual division between two rooms of the house. It can also be placed on a tripod stand and displayed on a table or a piano.

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