Animal skins in your decor

Anita was a romantic adolescent. She read romance novels and watched romantic movies. She saw passionate scenes (for that time at least) in front of the fireplace, the actors stretched out over a bearskin, usually white. Anita told herself that when she grew up she would have her own bearskin on which to lie with her lover.

Guess what? Anita has never had a bearskin in front of her fireplace. Times change, as do tastes. She became more pragmatic. She didn’t want to have to constantly clean a white fur that was likely to gather ashes and small flakes of wood. But animal skins are still popular in decoration, whether they’re real or not.

Those who believe that animal skins are only suited to country decors will be surprised by the modern look that a room takes on when it has an animal skin on the floor. Look at the photo. Isn’t black and white the modern trend?

Anita recently saw nice chairs covered in an imitation-leopard fabric. Amazing! She admitted that if she hadn’t seen them beside a black couch in a caramel coloured room, she never could have imagined such elegance.



Sometimes the animal touch is represented through discreet accessories. A lampshade, curtains or cushions can add a hint of softness and warmth to a room. Or a nice imitation fur throw placed on your favourite chair. Black evokes mink and white evokes rabbit fur. You can also lay it across the bed, giving it a very chic look.

When Anita was invited to a friend’s place to share a meal, she noticed an oddly-shaped animal skin on the wall. It took her a while to realize that it was a kangaroo skin, a souvenir from a trip to Australia several years earlier. Would it be possible to import one today? Perhaps not.

Anita’s latest inspiration: a magnificent cushion covered in red fox fur. Elegant, comforting and it blends in so well with the couch! Anita is still looking for a synthetic version, to satisfy her green soul and her wallet.

Anita could still find fabrics that imitate animal skins and furs in fabric stores. They’re nice, attractive and much less expensive. If she really wants authentic fur, she can find real fur coats in a number of second-hand stores. She just has to cut them to the desired shape, such as a whole animal. It’s even better if the cut isn’t symmetrical, as it provides a more natural look.


Photos: iStockphoto.