Carpets: know how to install them

Installing a carpet is not complicated, whether it’s made of synthetic materials or natural fibres, but you have to be an excellent handyman to do it right. You also have to be patient and precise, have specific tools and get advice from a renovation centre professional. Here is some general advice:

-If you opt for natural fibres, remember that you have to allow the carpet to rest for at least two days in the ambient air of the room that it will be installed in, so that it becomes acclimatized. Remember, they are natural fibres and not synthetic materials.

-Seagrass is perfect for the bathroom because it grew in water. However, you want to avoid sisal as it doesn’t like excessive humidity, although it’s elegance makes it perfect for other rooms in the house.

-Coconut is the most capricious fibre and is ideal for the sitting room.

-Avoid using jute in high traffic areas. The fibre is too delicate. However, it’s ideal for the bedroom. It evokes silk a bit.

-Very useful in heavy traffic areas because it can be changed any time, carpet tiles are very easy to install and on almost any smooth surface: vinyl, tiles, wood, but the surface must be perfectly dry and clean. It cannot be applied on waxed surfaces.

-Remember, the hairs of a carpet have a direction. You have to know how to detect it before installation.

-Installing a carpet on a small or medium ceiling isn’t done here, but it’s a great way to mask a ceiling in poor shape, reduce the height of a room or add soundproofing. As you can imagine, installing it takes a professional, because the quality of the mounting is of the utmost importance.

Photo: iStock