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How Can You Successfully Go About Furnishing Your Child’s Room?

Furnishing a child’s room is not easy. It must allow them to play, work and rest in proper conditions. Follow these tips in order to achieve this.

Chambre d'enfant #1

Consider Your Child’s Tastes

From the age of five, you can consult your child and ask for their opinion on the layout of their room; it is essential that they feel good in their space. This will not stop you from moderating their choices for space or budget reasons, but pay attention to their wishes. Together, check out magazines, shop, or go online to find ideas that are both simple and easy to achieve. Lastly, design the layout of his room.

Furnish Wisely

There are a few basic rules for furnishing a child’s room

  • Apply the rules of Feng Shui for a peaceful sleep, and place the bed in a way that your child’s head is towards the north or the east,
  • Separate the different areas: resting space, work area, play zone. Delineate these areas by using furniture, a partition, or simply using a carpet,
  • Plan for easy access and avoid clutter by creating walking passage
  • Opt for convenient storage according to their needs: use a cupboard or dresser, and consider hanging shelves for books and other items,
  • Be mindful with lighting, and add light sources in the working and reading area.

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Choose Their Bed Wisely

Regardless of your child’s age, it is important that they have a good bed for restful sleep:

  • Adapt the size of the bed to your child’s size and choose a larger bed, if possible, to allow them to feel comfortable.
  • Choose a slated bed base for proper back support and opt for a removable mattress for cleanliness.

There are many different beds on the market with a variety of shapes, materials and colors that will allow you to create a modern and warm look.

Set Up a Play Area

Make room for your child to access their games and toys easily:

  • Free up some space to allow them to relax.
  • Place a cozy carpet on the floor so they can play comfortably.
  • Ideally, add a game table, a tent or even armchairs.

The idea is that your child will feel good in their room, regardless of their age.

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Separate the Play and Work Areas

A work area is a must-have in the bedroom; it empowers your child. Here’s how to design it:

  • Choose a desk based on activities such as drawing, homework or computer games.
  • Opt for a desk that is at a proper height for your child and a chair that is adapted to their size.
  • It is preferable to place the desk near a window for natural light and add strong lighting.
  • Remember to choose a model with drawers and shelves for extra storage.

Decorate With Care

The room should be decorated according to your child’s tastes and age, as follows:

  • Start with modern, bright white walls for boldness,
  • Add pastel shades, softer tones or touches of grey to furniture or to an accent wall,
  • Use a carpet or wallpaper for graphic effects,
  • Add accessories such as boxes or cushions.

A child’s room must be a warm and inviting area that feels good to them!