Shot of a young couple giving each other a high five while moving house

7 Smart Tips for A Greener Move

Every summer in Quebec, thousands of moves take place. Unfortunately, these often have a negative impact on the environment.

Have you ever noticed that during a move there can be a lot of waste? In the days following July 1st, lots of garbage is found on curbs, waiting to be picked up and thrown away. If you want your move to be greener this year, try the following tips!

Moving boxes and potted plants at new apartment

1. Use Reusable Boxes

Pharmacies, grocery stores and restaurants are overflowing with cardboard boxes that are too often recycled (or worse, thrown away!) Ask them if they can to give them to you. You can also rent reusable moving boxes.

2. Give Before Throwing

When packing at the last minute, it is tempting to get rid of the objects you do not want to bring into your new home in a non-ecological way. If you can, a few days before the move, sort everything out. Clothes, furniture, sporting goods, tools… what you do not need can be used by others! You can even resell some items. Ecocentres in your area collect a lot of waste, including electronics. Do your research!

3. Pack Green

There is no point in buying bubble wrap, foam or other products to protect fragile objects. You probably have everything you need at home. Towels, sheets, wrinkle-free clothing, pillows, and blankets are perfect for packing your precious belongings, as are newspapers and flyers.

Close up of group of friends moving in

4. Say No to Photocopies

To ensure that valuable paperwork is not lost during the move, many homeowners photocopy important documents, such as passports or wills. This is bad for the environment. It is ideal to scan these documents and store them on a virtual cloud or take pictures of them.

5. Rent an Electric Truck

More and more car rental companies offer electric models. If you have many kilometres to go or if several round trips are required, this is all the more a great idea.

6. Opt for a Move… On a Bike!

If you live in an urban area, some companies offer bicycle movers that pull trailers. The service is efficient, but there should not be more than 10 kilometers between the two residences.

7. Don’t Overuse Duct Tape

In order to keep our boxes closed or protective blankets in place, we sometimes have a tendency to overuse duct tape. However, there are other greener ways to secure our belongings, such as choosing reusable fasteners, for example. Also, asking the good Samaritans (who came to help you move) to lift the boxes firmly from below rather than from the sides. This alone can be enough to avoid messes.

Happy moving… and above all, we hope that your new home will live up to your expectations!