What to Upgrade First?

Most people renovate their homes for more space or more comfort. Some also remodel their homes in order to sell their property more quickly while getting the desired price for it.

But you shouldn’t start renovating carelessly. Follow these guidelines.

  • It would be irresponsible to carry out overwhelming work in order to sell your home quickly. Disaster will probably strike. Some upgrades, worth a few hundreds or thousands of dollars, should do the trick.
  • Check every nook and cranny in your home to find any defects. Neglecting this step might give the future buyer the wrong impression. Imagine if he or she arrives with a building inspector? Omitting to inspect your home is not the best way to go, even if you end up selling your property for the desired price. If the future homeowner ends up dragging you into court for latent defects, not only will you see your profit melt away, but your quality of life will diminish.
  • Start by facing your home and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Is the frontage appealing? Is the front door impeccable? A neglected exterior usually implies a careless homeowner in the minds of future buyers.
  • Go outside and walk around your property and think of the things that would bother a buyer and try to address the problem. For example, you live in a noisy neighbourhood because of the traffic. Find out how much building a green wall or a solid wall would cost to reduce the noise.

  • If the surrounding houses are neglected and the neighbourhood is depreciating, no use in spending a lot of money renovating your home to make it stand out. There won’t be many buyers and you will have a hard time getting a greater price than the price of the nearby houses on sale. In this case, don’t overdo it with the renovations.
  • The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most important rooms in the house. That’s where the buyer becomes more critical and that’s probably where you’ll get the most out of your investment.
  • The windows probably cause the most headaches for homeowners. They cost a lot of money to replace. Buyers will surely examine them closely. If they are old, and you’ve decided that you won’t fix them, be honest and say so. Otherwise, there are ways to make them more efficient without replacing them.
  • Make your basement functional. This space is growing in popularity. As for the home decor, let the future homeowners take care of it.
  • In general, place greater focus on making your home practical and functional. Home decors are a subjective matter. Let the future homeowners decorate their own way.
  • The words practical and functional also mean a safe home, and if possible, an energy-efficient home.
  • Don’t forget, human beings are essentially lazy. The future homeowner will mostly choose a property with little or no maintenance. Invest your money with that in mind.
  • The real estate broker is a professional who knows what minor upgrades can be done to showcase a home. Don’t hesitate to ask for his or her advice.