What Does Home Mean to You?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before you begin planning your budget and searching for homes. If you didn’t fancy any house that you’ve visited in the past, or if you’re disappointed in the choice you’ve made, perhaps you didn’t take the time to ask yourself this important question.

Everyone will come up with these three answers: safety, shelter, and privacy. Yet, there is more to a home than just that. Above these things, the personality and needs of each and every one also come into play.

If you’re the dreamy type who doesn’t notice anything around you, who doesn’t get attached to a property or material things, and who has absolutely no wish to maintain a house, then why would you choose a home that’s too big or too expensive? Dreamers usually need very modest homes, a sustainable one at best, to prevent an increasing amount of work. They prefer spending time and energy doing other things.

If you prefer living in a fluid environment, where light and air circulate freely, and you despise walls, then why would look for a property in a neighbourhood where houses are built closely, side by side, with all-around fencing? Look for homes near parks, atop mountains or near street intersections. Or, turn to a home facing a road running ahead. A backyard is usually essential too.

If DIY projects are your passion in life, then why would you choose a home that requires no improvements? Look for a house that needs much tender, love and care. Plus, its purchase price will be lower.

If your home is a safe haven, and you know for a fact that you will be spending most of your time in it (reading, listening to music, playing video games, watching television series, entertaining in your backyard). In other words, if you’re a homebody, know that your needs are different from those who consider their homes as just a place to sleep in. The size of the property will differ.

If you’re a family-oriented person and you dream of having many children sitting around your dinner table, then your definition of a home will be much different from a couple’s who don’t want to have kids. Your property will be much bigger, more functional and sturdier. And let’s bet that it will have a backyard and even a park nearby.

Sometimes, people with excessively Zen attitudes will prefer waterfront cabins or laneway homes. These people are assertive and know exactly what they want.

There are homes for every taste. Real estate brokers are very well aware of this fact.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your real estate broker. A good broker won’t judge you. He or she won’t try to sell you a home that doesn’t suit your needs either. He or she will listen to you and search for homes based on your criteria.