Are You Expecting to Buy a Home This Year? Really?

You’ve decided to buy your very first home in 2017. You’re about to start looking for houses on the market. Let’s review your decision to ensure that you’re in fact ready for this step.

  • You’ve calculated all the costs associated with buying a property.
  • To make certain that your budget will not be too limited once you become a homeowner, you’ve made your financial status worse than it really is instead of making it better. You even calculated how your budget as a homeowner would be affected if interest rates increased by half a percentage point.
  • You’ve searched the web to learn more about the government subsidies available to facilitate home ownership.
  • You believe that you have enough money set aside to pay for any setbacks that could arise in your first year as a homeowner.
  • After calculating all of the above, you know for certain that you have the financial capabilities to buy your first home this year. You’ve also determined the price that you can afford and you’re determined to respect that amount.
  • You did all that was necessary to persuade the mortgage creditor to trust you and lend you the money. This means you were able to prove that you’ve learned the ability to save money. You’ve got rid of the debts that you were the least proud of and you’ve managed to save the amount needed for the down payment.
  • From now on, you’ll live knowing that most of your income will go toward paying your mortgage for the next twenty years or so, just for the pleasure of owning a home. All the rest becomes secondary.
  • Being a homeowner is a way of life and you’re prepared to embrace it.
  • If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner agree on all aspects related to a house purchase. You’ve settled your differences and you’re both prepared to make compromises. One’s whims will not affect the life of the other.
  • You both agree on the type of property you wish to buy and the maximum price you’re willing to offer.
  • You’ve agreed on how to share expenses with your partner: either splitting them halfway down the middle or according to each one’s income.

If you’ve disagreed with many of these points, real estate brokers from Via Capitale strongly suggest that you sit down and think this through once again. Do more research and discuss it further with your partner to come to a solid agreement. No use in getting discouraged, you might be closer to your goal than you think.


Via Capitale reminds you that buying a home is the most serious investment that most of you will ever have to make.  Apart from the financial aspect, the goal is to indulge yourself and improve your quality of life, while being financially viable for many years to come. A real estate broker can assist you in achieving these goals.