The elegance of stone

Who has never caressed a polished stone? Who has never put their hand on a stone wall? For smoothness, for roughness. In decoration, the massive and solid side of stone imposes respect, while adding a certain visual appeal. The elegance of natural stone gives it a great deal of character.

Welcome stone into your home. By keeping its irregular shape, you invite nature to participate in a decorative renewal. Since stone is a synonym for rustic, a stone fireplace with wood beams provides a country charm. Adding a number of green plants to a stone wall, and even a few candles, provides you with a very peaceful atmosphere.

Everyone knows the harmony of the stone-wood-brick trio. However, the contrast of a stone wall with glass partitions is quite striking. This is a much sought-after look in contemporary style. Decorative impact guaranteed.

Overview of a kitchen: a massive stone wall with an opening devoid of a door leading to a living room that is almost entirely enclosed in glass. The floor and the other three walls of the kitchen were concrete. The orangey wood of the cupboards and a counter with a work surface livened up the decor. A single embellishment: the bumps of the rough stone offset the smoothness of the wood and concrete. Otherwise it was minimalism to the extreme. Almost an impression of bareness. But such elegance! What strength in the decor!


If we allow stone to express itself by giving it a lot of the decorative space, it will live up to your expectations. Sone can spread from the mantel of the fireplace to a wall or retaining wall, or extend from inside to outside at ground level. Like concrete, stone has the gift of sculpting space.


Far from compromising the beauty of a room through its sometimes rough exterior, stone enhances the decorative aspects if that is the owner’s desire. Granite becomes esthetic with its coloured grains, slate is sublime with its palette of colours, from ocher to bluish-green, to black and violet; quartz matches slate when it comes to colours: green, brown, golden, pink, grey, yellow, bluish-black and many others, just like limestone. Marble provides refinement with its marvellous veins, the grey stone enhancing the cotton flannel effect of the white, while dark grey slate provides it with contrast. A wall can even be enveloped in a nice invigorating blue.

Consider the floor: no two slabs are identical, regardless of the stone you choose. Ideal for those who are seeking originality and organic decoration.

One last thing before closing: Slate on the steps of a staircase is very easy on the eyes.