The egg or the crystal?

We can also add “undermounted or free standing”? Baths are becoming more and more surprising, whether it’s because of their original shape, the material used or their installation.

How many of you have ever seen an undermounted bath in a private bathroom? Wait until you see what we discovered.

The first one looked enveloping and elegant. We learned from Mathieu’s blog that it’s called an egg-shaped bath. Naturally it’s Italian manufacturer, Calyx, laid the egg down. Although it could be nice to take a bath in an egg standing at 45°, couldn’t it? Who knows? Calyx has a white version and an “Illusion Flair” version. The paint gives an illusion of depth, shimmering different colours from violet to red depending on the lighting. The experienced eye is drawn to the edge and how safe it is in the event of a fall. The edge looks sharper than the traditional rounded edge. But there’s no problem if the material is soft.

Source : iStockPhoto

Actually, soft bathtubs really do exist! Calyx, the same Italian manufacturer had the idea of using a soft acrylic interior. Mathieu said it felt like getting on a mattress. He believes that comfort and security are the main features of this unusal product. There’s also the fact that the water stays hot longer with this type of covering.

What do you prefer? A zebra or cow bath. Original for those who like animal patterns or black and white! Aquamass offers you the choice. Or offered you the choice, because we saw them at, but not on the Aquamass site.

Aquamass also offers a luminous bath whose effects change according to LED lighting. It’s as if the bath was a neon light. Mathieu says that the material, plasticryl, is ultra-light and recyclable.

Another divine luminous bath doesn’t appear to come from the same manufacturer with its shock-resistant rotomoulded polyethylene. Pleasant to the touch according to The bath seems to prevent shivers due to the cold, like the soft bath.

Last, but not least, this bath stands out through its elegance and transparency. Four crystal panels, edges curved outward, lie on a white or black base. It looks like blown glass. Definitely chic! Another Italian creation. Novellini. You can find it at Marie Claire In case you’re interested, we saw it selling for 13,000 euros.

You should also know that certain high-end models can only be bought through architects, but it doesn’t cost anything to dream about a new bathroom.