New look for the counter

Most major hardware stores carry a product that can be used to cover surfaces to give them a granite effect. This epoxy based product is called StoneEffect and it comes in several colours.


This product helps owners who want to redo their kitchen counter without spending a fortune.

The work is divided into three steps: preparation, application of the stone covering and placing the epoxy, which will provide a lustrous, long-lasting surface.

First, remove all caulking, all wax and all sealer by sanding the counter with fine sandpaper. Next, wash the surface with a degreaser (T.S.P.), making sure to remove all sand dust. Before applying the coat, cover all parts that you don’t want to use the product on. Don’t forget to protect the cupboards and floor.

You can now apply the coat of primer which contains small granules that favour maximum product adherence. To apply it, use a brush for small surfaces and a roller for large surfaces. Very important: you must respect the indicated drying time.

Lightly stir the container before applying the product. Use a trowel with a round end and start with the vertical surfaces.

Apply a thin coat to start. Two coats are required to obtain a smooth, even finish. Once again, it’s important to respect the drying time to do a good job. It’s better to take more time than less.

Remember, it’s essential that you allow the product to dry for 24 hours before going on to the finishing step.

Start with light sanding to remove bumps or marks left by the trowel. Remove all sanding dust with a damp cloth.

You are ready for the ultimate step: the protector epoxy.

After careful mixing, apply the clear, even mixture (it’s the signal that the product is ready) on the vertical surfaces, then directly on the epoxy on the counter. Spread it evenly using a brush. Let it dry for at least 72 hours.

You’ve just breathed new life into your old counter at a very reasonable price. The contrast will be stunning.


Photo: iStockphoto LP