Mortgage solutions that are flexible and entirely tailored to your reality

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Amid the current housing environment and in light of the wide range of mortgage solutions available on the market, how can you select the product that is best suited to your particular situation?


Fixed or variable rate?

When faced with having to choose a mortgage solution, many wonder which is more financially advantageous: a fixed or a variable rate mortgage?

In essence, variable rates are typically lower than fixed rates but considering the looming increase in interest rates over the coming months, a fixed rate mortgage may seem to be the best option these days. In reality, there is no good or bad response to this question. The right answer depends on your needs, your financial situation and your risk tolerance. For instance, if the project for which you are contracting a loan is already maximizing your available budget, or if you cannot tolerate the idea of payments increasing over time, a fixed-rate solution may be better suited to your situation.

You can read more about the differences of these two options on the National Bank’s website:


Finding a tailored solution

At National Bank, we have long understood that the most important part of our work consists in developing solutions that truly fit our clients’ needs. But because every situation is different, we have developed the Made-to-Measure Mortgage, a combination of several mortgage solutions, to allow you to reap the benefits of every option available.

With the Made-to-Measure Mortgage, you could, for example, mix a variety of terms so as to mitigate the effects of future rate increases, all while enjoying the interest-saving benefits provided by short-term rates.

For instance, you could split your mortgage debt into two distinct portions; one being a variable-rate mortgage loan (for interest savings), the other a fixed-rate mortgage (to mitigate the effects of a future rate increase).

You can learn more about the Made-to-Measure Mortgage on the Bank’s website:


All for one…

National Bank All-In-OneTM,1 is a home equity line of credit that regroups a person’s financing needs under one unique, practical, economical and flexible solution. You therefore have the opportunity to combine your mortgage loans2, as well as any other financing loan (car, renovations, travel, etc.).

What’s more, you receive only one monthly statement for all of your transactions, but retain the ability to split your All-In-OneTM across different accounts in order to monitor each of your projects separately and easily!

You can learn more about the All-In-OneTM solution on the Bank’s website:


If you’re looking for valuable advice, you’re at the right address!

There are, of course, several possible combinations to create a mortgage financing solution that truly fits your needs.

Contact the Mortgage Development Manager assigned to your office to learn more about the different products available to you.




The financing solutions described in this document are subject to National Bank credit approval.

1. National Bank All-In-One is a trademark of National Bank of Canada. Subject to credit approval by National Bank. A maximum amount equivalent to 65% of the value of the property may be in the form of a line of credit, and the rest of the funding has to be in the form of a mortgage loan. For example, if the value of the property is $ 100,000 and you have an amount of $ 20,000 available for down payment (20% of the value of the property, which is the minimum required), the authorized credit limit of the All-In-One will be $ 80,000. However, of this $ 80,000, up to $ 65,000 will be in the form of a line of credit and the rest will be in the form of a mortgage loan.

2. Subject to credit approval by National Bank in the event that the integration of a line of credit entails increasing the authorized credit limit.


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