Is Landscaping Worth the Cost?

Homeowners once believed that having a pool in their backyard meant selling their homes faster and at the price they asked for. They were wrong. Others counted on their flower beds, patio and garden. Another disappointment. So, the landscape won’t make a difference either? Definitely not!

The landscape increases the value of a property, but very little compared with a kitchen or bathroom that is renovated pragmatically with modern materials and configured in a way to increase practicality. A roof and foundations in good condition, a basement designed with taste, and even multiple and efficient storage spaces will increase a property’s value more than the landscape.

You are selling your home. You are waiting for those first emails to come in or those first buyers to visit your home. If you were in their shoes, what would your first inquiries relate to? The landscape or the condition of the windows? The flower beds or the radon levels in the soil? The patio or the structure of the home?

By the way, any qualified inspector will focus more on the building than on the landscaping. It’s only logical.


There is no general agreement on how much the landscaping increases property value. It’s between 10 and 25%. Too many variables come into play to determine the return on investment at the time of resale: the nature of the work done, the neighbourhood, the size of the yard. The landscape contractor will have the tendency to increase that percentage. Real estate brokers and appraisers will tell you otherwise.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue your passion for horticulture. If the buyer shares your passion for it, you are blessed by the Gods. Especially if your landscape design pleases him/her. In this case, the buyer might even be willing to spend a little more to buy your home. But keep in mind that not everyone likes cutting hedges and caring for a garden.

The landscape becomes a valued advantage during home visits. Don’t forget, buyers first lay their eyes on the home’s exterior, which means the yard and the property itself. If from that moment, the buyer likes what he/she sees, that his/her first feeling is pleasant, the probabilities that he/she buys your home are greater.


The home’s landscape sets the mood for the exterior. However, no need to invest a fortune to create it. Especially knowing that many constraints come with ambitious projects: respecting the municipal regulations, obtaining a permit, spending more than the allocated budget. Plus, many buyers have no interest in patios or terraces.

A well-designed path, a clean exterior, a few flower beds here and there are sufficient enough. Your real estate broker will be able to tell you the best possible return on your investment in terms of landscaping. For example, in a family-friendly neighbourhood, a playground is more profitable than a spa. Of course, a patio or terrace in mint condition is more favorable than a pool. Although pools actually do increase the value of the property, the return on investment is so low that the money invested is not worth it in the end.

Here’s a tip: if the neighbouring homes all have a beautiful landscape design outside, and your home is lacking some tender, love, and care, you should definitely think about investing a few dollars to improve the look of the exterior.

Here is another advantage of landscaping. The aromatic plants outside have the same legendary effect as an apple pie baking inside: longing to sit down and enjoy a good conversation.