Home Parcel Thefts: Tips to Prevent Losses

Since the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine, the number of online orders has drastically increased. Although very convenient, home delivery has also revealed its downside: thieves watching out for delivery trucks in hopes of stealing parcels left on front porches.

In recent months, several homeowners have been victims of parcel theft. Below are some tips to help you avoid this unfortunate situation.


Before You Order

You can prevent theft before even placing an order. Be sure to check the delivery terms before clicking “confirm.” “Request a signature” option is sometimes available, and this can save you a lot of trouble, although additional fees may apply. You should also ask for tracking from the moment the order is placed. You will then be able to locate your parcel and plan to be home when it arrives.

Leave Instructions

Another option would be to leave instructions for the delivery person when placing the online order. For example, you could ask them to hide the parcel inside your recycling bin. You can also purchase a large chest that can be installed on the porch and locked with a code. However, be sure not to forget to give the delivery driver the code when buying online. Lastly, remember that choosing to pick-up your parcel from the post office or from the store itself are also highly safe options.

Before Delivery

If you have a relative who lives nearby, you can ask them to pick up your parcels. Getting to know your neighbors can also be helpful in this type of situation. You can ask them to pick up parcels left on your porch when you’re not home. Sometimes your relationship will become such that as soon as they see a parcel at your doorstep, they will take it home without hesitation.


Technology to the Rescue

Another option recommended by authorities is to install a clearly visible surveillance camera at the top of your door, to discourage thieves. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to identify and catch them once the infraction has been committed. However, some devices allow you to receive an alert when someone is at your front of the door; you can then use the microphone to hopefully scare them away.

After a Theft

If, despite all your precautions, a malicious individual has managed to steal your parcel, contact the merchant directly. If you selected the “request a signature” option for delivery, the company must take responsibility and provide a refund. You can also call your bank and request a chargeback of the transaction, if you meet all the criteria.

When it comes to parcel theft, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!