Hire an architect

We often forget them, but they can provide an important service. Why not resort to an architect when the time comes to do major renovations? Such as expanding a house.

Of course, an architect will increase the cost of the work, but keep in mind that, in most major renovations, your property will increase in value. So why not increase this value as much as possible? Especially if it involves adding space to a house.

You don’t have to call upon a renowned architect. A student fresh out of university will do just fine.

Don’t be afraid to seek knowledge elsewhere when you want to renovate a house. An architect is a professional who has this knowledge.


First advantage: you can talk to the architect before starting the renovation project and throughout the process, which removes a great deal of stress. You will feel less alone.

Second advantage: the architect may help you avoid making one of the worst mistakes that cause most people to exclaim: If I had only known!

Third advantage: when it comes to esthetics, architects have an advantage over the rest of us.

Fourth advantage: architects know about recent innovations. Do you want a veranda? The architect knows all the possibilities offered by glass, which has become complex over time. Architects know the shapes and styles, the types of windows, and contemporary materials. Will it be aluminium, wrought iron or wood? An architect knows how to choose a material that does not collapse and is environmentally friendly.

Fifth advantage: the architect will know how to maintain the cachet of your house, or even create it with renovations.

Sixth advantage: you will avoid many pitfalls. Does this wall block or reduce the light in that room? Are you getting the most from the window’s panoramic potential? Will the choice of siding require more maintenance when you’re older? Is there a way to redirect the circulation in the house? Why not better balance the volumes? Do we expand the house by building up (more expensive) or by extending it?

And last but not least: architects know how to work with limited budgets.

Photo: iStockphoto